Maxi Hair Vitamins?

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Hi curlies! I just got my hair cut today to get all the damaged parts off and to my disappointment, it ended up being a lot shorter than I thought it would be but at least it's healthy now. I've read a few things on this site about Maxi Hair and was wondering if it really works. I'm always leery about things that guarantee something like that and am worried about any side effects. Also, does anyone know if Maxi Hair is actually a multivitamin itself or if I try it do I still need to take my regular multivitamin on top of it?
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    Maxi Hair is a multivitamin that also has amino acids, MSM, Biotin, etc. which helps hair growth. It has a lot of the general vitamins you find in regular multi's too. I would just compare the labels and go with your better judgement. Your body can only absorb so much and it gets rid of the rest, which may be a waste of money in the long run.

    I've taken the Maxi Hair since April and have seen almost two inches of growth since then. My hair usually grows half an inch a month so it has almost doubled my rate.

    There is no guaranty it will work for you the way it did me. They are just vitamins.
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    I absolutely love this product.... i have a review of it on youtube! Review: Maxi Hair Vitamins - YouTube
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    I've heard a lot of good things about them, if they're the ones made by Country Life. I think you take them instead of a multivitamin. The issue with most women's multivitamins including hair/skin multis is that they never contain enough calcium. The reason is that calcium blocks iron which is important for babies. You have to take a separate calcium supplement. It's annoying because not all women want to have children, can have children, are at the age to have children, run a high risk of becoming pregnant by accident... You get the point. I'm not going to swallow down two horsepills plus take a calcium supplement. Country Life and most other hair multis are broken up into two or three pills a day.

    I take prenatal vitamins plus a calcium supplement. Even though I'm at least not right now in a position that I can get pregnant, the extra iron won't hurt. That's really the only difference b/w a prenatal and a women's multi. That and they have higher amounts of a few vitamins and minerals. I mainly bought prenatals b/c womens' multis make my stomach hurt. I've heard good things about the prenatal I take, esp. with hair and nail growth, and they don't hurt my stomach at all which is surprsing with all the iron in them. I don't like taking calcium separately, but most women's multis don't have enough calcium anyway.

    I took GNC UltraNourishair and I took a generic Hair and Nails type of vitamin. I thought the generic vitamins worked best of all though they re-formulated them - made them into 3 daily doses instead of 2. I could do that when I wasn't taking prescription meds but now it would be too much to do. The prenatals definitely have helped my nails. I haven't noticed anything with my hair yet, but I haven't taken them for long - about 2 months.

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