Green Tea.....

NaturalBeauty79NaturalBeauty79 Posts: 256Registered Users
Does anyone know if this really helps with weight loss?? Also how much should you drink to see results?


  • creativelicensecreativelicense Posts: 422Registered Users
    I've heard anecdotes about it being good for melting fat. Not completely sure whether it works or not. Maybe this might help?

    Also this article is informative. Green Tea: A Key To Wellness

    I don't think green tea is a weight loss miracle, you still need to put in the exercise and healthy eating to make it happen.
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    I've read several articles about it helping in the aid of weight loss, when accompanied with exercise and good nutrition. I drink it daily for the antioxidants and good energy boost!
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  • NaturalBeauty79NaturalBeauty79 Posts: 256Registered Users
    Thanks guys guess il start
  • EilonwyEilonwy Posts: 12,391Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
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    I don't know if it aids in weight loss, but it definitely has a "diuretic" effect on me. Even the decaf!

    Right now I'm loving the Trader Joe's "Candy Cane Green Tea." So yum.
  • SanaxRadianceSanaxRadiance Posts: 95Registered Users
    Yeah, it definitely works!
    I drink 2-4 cups every day and it helps me lose weight
    Of course it's not a dramatic 10 pounds or anything, but it definitely helps. It's even better if you exercise regularly.

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