What to do with my hair

kurliequeskurlieques Posts: 1Registered Users
I have tried alot of things with my hair but i still cant get it to look nice. My hair really doesnt fit into any of the hair categories and its hard to explain. Its super curly the curls are defined underneath but it gets less curly the closer it gets to the top and the top layer gets fluffy. I have a lot of different textures in my hair. My hair is really thick and puffy and gets frizzy. Can anyone help me tame it???


  • helpmycurlhelpmycurl Posts: 19Registered Users
    What i found that works best is helping each individual section of hair by treating them differently. Like yourself, I find that my hair reacts differently and has different textures. So I only put what my hair needs on the section that needs it. I hope that makes since.

    You can find me @ youtube.com/smilechild96 if I confused you at all

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