Kccc vs. Eco ...helppppp

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Which is better??? Does Eco do the same or is kccc worth the money???


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    I can only speak from personal experience but in my opinion, KCCC isn't worth the money at all. I had a jar of that gel for almost a year and every single time I used it I had a bad hair day. Literally, the ONLY thing I liked about it was the smell. And the fact that it's made with all natural ingredients of course. But honestly, natural doesn't mean jack if it doesn't work for your hair. My hair and KCCC just do not like each other and they never will. My favorite gels are Eco Stylers and La Bella gels. Nice and cheap, huge quantity, great hold, and works well with other products. KCCC doesn't play well with too many other products outside of the Kinky Curly line, so that was another huge downfall. I just really disliked it, even though I wanted it to be my holy grail.


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    I think KCCC could be worth the money--depends on your hair type and how you like to style your hair. I am personally an Ecostyler convert, but I'll try to be relatively unbiased in my comparisons: KCCC is a much thinner gel than Eco so if you have fine/thin hair, then I think it would probably be better for your wash and gos. I have coarse/thick/4a hair and my hair clumped fairly well with KCCC, but it didn't give me the weight that I needed--I have to turn to Ecostyler for that. As far as layering products: KCCC does not play well with a number of leave-ins and moisturizers (poor product combo results in little white balls in your hair). You can find a number of threads in the 3c/4a forums which can give you a little insight into which products to pair with KCCC. In my opinion, Ecostyler is a little too heavy to use with a light leave-in; I end up with crunchy hair unless I use a creamy leave-in or get heavy handed with a water-based leave-in. Lastly, if you've experimented with ecostyler and it didn't quite do the trick for you--try a different level of hold. Some people swear by Eco Olive oil, but it was too firm for my wash and gos. I personally dig the blue one because the hold is a little lighter.
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    It's hard to compare both products because they are so different.

    For me they are both great products, but for different reasons.

    Eco is great for a long lasting hard hold. It's also great because of it's cheap price point. However when it's on my hair it can take a really long time to dry, and if I don't put an oil on my hair before I use it, my hair can feel to dry.

    The KCCC is great for definition. It can clump my curls back even after I've brushed them completely out. This is something Eco just can not do for me. It also is not drying at all, so I don't have to use any additional products with it. The hold is firm, but not as stiff as the Eco.

    Both give completely different results so it's up to you to decide what you desire more from your hair styles.
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    Personally I like Eco. I wish they made it without glycerin. I started using Eco after I BC'd in June this year and my hair has grown a great deal. Im not saying that the Eco made my hair grow but it was not so drying that it broke my hair off. It give me great hold and definition. I've tried quite a few diff Eco's and they all give me hard hair but I just SOTC and I'm able to get 4 day hair. I was unable to get that with KCCC. Btw my hair is 4a with a lil 3c mixed in.

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    Ecostyler!But for me it's specifically the pink one. It has a hold of 7. I don't use the other Ecostyler gels. The pink one with the method that I do doesn't leave my hair hard, flaky, or crunchy. I get a decent hold that is soft to the touch, my curls are well defined, and have excellent movement. And I can actually get 2nd day hair easy. (If anyone wants to know the method that I do when I use the pink Eco..just ask)

    My experience with Kinky Curly is basically summed up in this way: HOT MESS! I can't stand the digusting syrupy sweet smell (of course this is preference not everyone likes super sweet smells and I'm one of those people), it's sticky as hell if you have long hair..it drips all down your back, sticks to your ears, and the stuff is just gross to me with the way it makes my hair and skin feel in general. And I used it EXACTLY and PRECISELY the way the owner of the company demos in her videos. I used it with and without the Knot Today. Every attempt and it was many..only left my curls crispy, stringy, with hardly any movement. My hair actually look like I had been electrocuted when it dried every.single.time! And I just really couldn't fully get rid of that "hard" or "tough" feeling to my hair no matter how much I tried to scrunch out the crunch! Now one plus was the shine..my hair looked and felt like crap but it gave my dyed jet black matte hair a nice shine!

    Overall though, KCC gave me horrible hair days..so much to the point where there was NO WAY I could go out of the house without washing my hair first and using my old products.

    So no.. I can't say KCC is worth the money at all for me. Especially when I can pay 5 bucks for a monster vat of pink Ecostyler that is virtually the size of someone's frickken head! LOL! Plus have hair that looks like I just step out of a top notch curly hair salon any time I use it! And the Ecostyler gives me a better shine than the KCC! Seriously! I would say the pink Ecostyler for me even edges out my Fruit of the Earth gel which has been my favorite gel like for ever now. Given, I still use the FOTE gel...um cause I bought it in bulk and have 20 bottles of it. :laughing6:
  • curlysydcurlysyd Posts: 5Registered Users
    what is your pink eco method??? Thats what i think i want to try i dont want anything too heavy but i want hold and def..
  • *Marah**Marah* Posts: 8,032Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    curlysyd wrote: »
    what is your pink eco method??? Thats what i think i want to try i dont want anything too heavy but i want hold and def..

    I wash n go every day. So basically I get in the shower and wash my hair with Tresemme Naturals Conditioner and rinse it all out. Then I apply more Tresemme Naturals conditioner to my hair in a smoothing fashion downward between my palms. Over that I apply a mixture of castor oil and almond (or olive) oil to my hair in a smoothing fashion downward between my palms (I keep a bottle already mixed with the oils in my shower). I make sure the conditioner and oil are smoothed through my hair very well. I get under the shower head and rinse it a bit so it's slippery but not all of the oil and conditioner is rinsed away. I squeeze out the water with my hands.

    BTW, you don't have to stay in the shower to do this..I've done it not in the shower and it works the same way. I just do it in the shower cause I wash my hair daily so it's easier.

    I get out of the shower and I towel pat my hair so my hair is not dripping at all. Then I section my hair into four sections 2 in the front 2 in back and I smooth the pink Ecostyler through each section between my palms just like I did with the oil and condish in the shower.

    After that I diffuse my hair on warm heat, high speed. Then I take off the diffuser and blowdry my hair in a very wild manner (you don't have to do this step..I just like my hair very huge and obnoxious a la Diana Ross about to go on stage circa 1983 and sing Reach Out And Touch Somebody's Hand in full glamour but with more curl definition..LOL!).

    After that I am left with curls that very defined, full, soft to the touch, bouncy, and the hair has a nice shine but isn't greasy at all. And yes, it does have hold but there is no crunch, crisp, or toughness to the hair at all. My hair moves when I move which is my preference.

    I'm pretty sure the Ecostyler is what is providing me with the shine cause I never had a lot of it prior. I believe the oil and conditioner is what is keeping the gel from getting hard. I dont get any flakes, no white residue, and I can actually get 2nd day hair with this method.
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    but I prefer my KCCC. It's just leaves my hair feeling healthier the next day. Pink Eco is OKAY... just a little gluey and goopy and not at all natural and the next day I feel like my hair is dry dry dry no matter how much leave-in I use under the Eco.
  • *Marah**Marah* Posts: 8,032Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    shainala wrote: »
    but I prefer my KCCC. It's just leaves my hair feeling healthier the next day. Pink Eco is OKAY... just a little gluey and goopy and not at all natural and the next day I feel like my hair is dry dry dry no matter how much leave-in I use under the Eco.

    I am glad you came in here and said that because it reminded me of the fact that pink Ecostyler has a TRUCKLOAD of protein in it. I noticed that you have low porosity hair in your siggy and the protein in the pink Ecostyler would most likely be doing to much for your hair texture making it super dry feeling. The KCC has some good humectants in it that may be ideal for some low porosity hair types.

    I have VERY VERY high porosity hair and my hair likes protein a lot! So I think what happens is the protein in the pink Ecostyler helps with my porosity issues filling in the gaps in my hair shaft but the conditioner and the oil left in my hair soften my hair because of the proper moisture and emollients providing my high porosity hair with the proper balance. So I'm left with very soft hair the next day. KCC doesn't do ish for my hair but make it into a hot darn crispy stringy mess!

    So.. I would highly caution anyone that has super low porosity hair and has a sensitivity to protein to perhaps use another gel rather than pink Ecostyler.

    I've done the same method with Fruit of the Earth and I get similiar results but it's not as shiny and 2nd day hair is iffy with FOTE for me...depends on what I do to maintain it at night. I've also done it with La Bella.. it works okay but not as good as the pink Ecostyler. I've also done it with IC Fantasia with Sparkle-lites and I have to use very little of the oil to get it to work because my hair gets way to moisturized with the IC Fantasia plus oil. I've tried it with LA Looks (the yellow one, the pink one, the light blue one, the white one, and the Nutra Curl Mega hold one) and the results are okay but my hair doesn't have the same bouncy and movement it does with the pink Ecostyler.
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    For me, KCCC is very much worth the money. I have a lot of hair and I buy about 2 jars a year. I get a minimum of 3 good-hair days and sometimes I get as much as 5 days. It's very concentrated and it doesn't work well with many products, but once you find a good combo, KCCC will do well for you.
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