What am I doing wrong?

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I'm a low porosity 4b (with a lil 4a). I have abt 7 or 8 inches of curly hard to maintain hair. I know my hair loves moisture. I DC every week. I normally do small twists (that's the only way I can manage my hair) after I wash weekly. But yesterday I tried to do a wash n go! Oh my! I have knotted hair everywhere! I'm afraid to touch it! How can I keep my hair from tangling without doin twists?


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    Try stretched styles (braid outs, cornrow outs, braid-n-curls, twist outs, flat twist outs, twist-n-curls, bantu knot outs, banding, etc). Hit up YouTube to tutorials on how to do the styles.

    Also, try washing and conditioning in twisted/braided sections.
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    I too have kinky, low porosity, coarse hair. I don't have much problems with matted/knotted hair (with the exception of some SSK).

    I wash/condition/style my hair in 6 sections (1x/wk), when I wear WnG's I...

    Wash (devacurl no-poo or Kinky-curly come clean or terresentials lavender mud)

    Deep condish (for 10 mins) with w.e. I have in the kitchen/bathroom

    Place (alot of) leave-in condish & detangle with wide tooth comb & my trusty aveda paddle brush (kinky curly knot today)

    Styler (bee mine curly butter or Karens body beautiful love butter+flax seed gel or kinky curly curling custard)

    I don't attempt to detangle until i wash again...

    Hope that helps
  • naturally_meehnaturally_meeh Registered Users Posts: 27
    Thanks you guys! I do notice a difference when I wash my hair in twists. Less hair coming out. I guess wash n gos aren't for me. I will try the oils and search YouTube. I have to rewet my whole entire head and Detangle and twist because I look like a matted dog! Lol

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