curlaway ....scam? danger in bottle?!

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im not sure if i should be posting this is relaxing or hall of shame...but my friend heard me complaining, saying that im tired of spending so much time detangling my hair... i love my hair but yes tangling can be rather tedious. however she is naturally and uses this product
Xenna- Curlaway Directions for Use | Curlaway Curl Relaxer | Natural hair relaxer | Chemical free relaxer | No lye relaxer

she recommended it to me claiming that its all natural and my hair will revert back if i stop using ...basically telling me its not permanent.
however, i looked at the site and it seems a little sketch, what do you guys think?

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    If it's too good to be true, it probably is. 8) I never heard of this stuff, but meh.. I wouldn't use it even if it were legit.
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    I think most of the before pictures look better than the after pictures.
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    back to back henna treatments will loosen your curls. major hang as well. not cassia or amla or indago. it has to be henna. 'course you can mix your henna with any of the above for diff results. check henna for hair forum. choosing to use henna requires lots of research.
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    this post sparked my curosity so I looked to see if it's sold in stores.

    Found out it's sold at Walgreens, and the ingredients are listed....

    Xenna Curlaway Chemical Free Hair Relaxer | Walgreens

    There are some fair reviews, and the ingredients don't seem harmful like a relaxer...
    It's says on the website it breaks down the hydrogen bonds, just like what happens when your hair gets wet. So i can see why it's not so harmful. Also the pH is much lower that a relaxer.

    I may give it a shot :) i'll post if I do
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    I don't know I just wouldn't trust the stuff. And I hate how something claims to straighten hair, but hot combing and/or flat ironing is still needed for a polished result. I'm skeptical, I would not use that on my hair. There was this stuff called "diva smooth" I wanted to try months before my big chop, before I even realized I was transitioning to natural hair. Profile - DIVA SMOOTH & MY ALL NATURAL HAIR
    I never did try it, and probably still won't chance it. i think I'm just bored with straight hair, I have been permed forever and I love my hair natural.

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