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I am at a loss as to what to do with my hair, its fine, blonde and just past nape length.
I am trying to embrace the CG routines but I find that I have to blow dry it to get it to look respectable (wet hair is not acceptable in my office!) I get the front and sides looking fine but the back (where its curliest) just looks like I have had a bad perm and fried it! Its not dry or damaged, its beautifully soft, never tangles but it looks awful with no definition it just looks fried and mangled:(
I don't use any styling products due to the fineness, I just get crunchy nasty hair that STILL looks mangled and fried!
I have tried using a diffuser, that resulted in fried, mangled with a touch of "dragged through a hedge" not pretty!:laughing6:
If I leave it wet and let it air dry, I get more definition but the front goes wild and will point out in any direction except the one I want, plus it takes hours to dry. I wash daily (mastey triate, very gentle) as it won't play nice with just wetting down, and because of the crazyness I wash in the morning, trust me washing at night is not an option, (I only have to wash it again in the morning anyway!) and I am not willing to get up any earlier as I already get up at 4am!
Please feel free to throw any advice my way, all will be welcomed!:mrgreen:


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    I find that often I can miss the back when styling and putting in my products. I have to really try to be thorough getting my hair (on the back especially) in place to curl nicely or it gets crazy when it dries. You can try something like Tresemme curl creme it doesn't get the least bit crunchy in my hair and holds pretty well.

    My hair is medium fine so maybe it will help with you also. Good luck!
  • Gilly07Gilly07 Posts: 95Registered Users
    As I said my hair is just past nape length and I don't use styling products, I have tried the Tresemme curl creme in the past and I got hair that I could not get my fingers in! Its seriously not an option to use styling products for me.
    I can easily reach all of my hair due to its length so I don't think thats an issue either, I am really stumped!:roll:
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    I also have really fine hair and my hair HATES being blow dried! I know you said hair products don't work for you, but I use Paul Michell Conditioning Sculpting Foam (red cap). It is light and defines curls very well.
    Hair Type: 3a (mixed with some 2c), Medium Density, Normal Porosity
    Conditioners: Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture, Suave Tropical Coconut
    Products: Paul Mitchell Flexible Style Sculpting Foam, L'Oreal Evercurl Line, HE TT Mousse, SM Curl Smoothie, GF Pure Clean Gel

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