Dry Curls...?

RingletTeenLoveRingletTeenLove Posts: 116Registered Users
My hair is very dry to begin with but when I wet it and first put gel in it...it looks all frizzy. Not dry but frizzy. So then when I let it air dry it gets Dry and frizzy. What should I do...? I use herbal essences tottally twisted gel or mousse.

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    It's possible that your hair doesn't like gel. My hair really doesn't like it, and i've never figured out why. Try putting in some leave in conditioner and/or using a curling creme. If you still use gel try to apply it more to the crown of your head.
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    yea maybe your hair doesnt like gel, try sealing with an oil to keep that water in and keeping the moisture up.

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    I often use the herbal essences totally twisted mousse myself! I think i've found that it works well on my hair in the summer...but not as well in the winter...now that the weather is getting colder i would use products that are thicker and more moisturizing. Definitely try using a leave in conditioner along with whatever other product you are using that day though! :)

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