Cant afford dieting when Im the only one..

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idk what to do because when it comes to food my husband doesnt want to eat healthy, we cant afford two dif grocery I'm the one out. I am so depressed that I cant lose weight. We never have healthy food here though. Idk whether I should eat less of what we have or just do lots of cardio? Ive tried doing just a fruit and veggie thing but couldnt afford it. i dont drive so I cant go to the store on my own im just stumped when it comes to the food portion.
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    Could you possibly replace a meal with a bowl of Special K? Or some Greek yogurt? Hard boiled eggs?

    There's probably plenty of ways you could eat healthy without changing your grocery bill too much.

    There are four people in my house and it seems like everyone likes something different. It's almost impossible to shop for the same things for everyone.

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    How about just reducing the portions you eat?
    Fat does not make you fat. It's actually pretty important.
  • sweetmx85sweetmx85 Posts: 1,017Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    That would work! I could def eat smaller portions and try replacing a meal w special k :)
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    Its a beauty, natural hair, food, family, and life all combined into one blog. I took a break from it for awhile but I recently started blogging again and Im addicted!

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    I have the same issue my husband needs to cut salt I need to cut sugar b we have two kids. Our grocery lists are all different so I have to alter it constantly. Me and my husband do compromise but its expensive. I have found a produce store that sell fruits n veg in bulk,n cheaper than the market. The only other thing is drinks mainly juices they are the most expensive. I love 100% cranberry but its costly n I do drink water most of the day but sonetimes u want that different taste. Only thing I suggest is clip coupons n catch sales n stock up. Also try foodnetwork n for easy low fat dishes.

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    Why can't you buy your own food and he gets his?
    I mean if you were single you would have to buy your own food too right?
    Don't make your husband an excuse for not eating healthy, I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but he's not responsible for what you put in your mouth.
    My boyfriend doesn't eat what I eat either, but I stick to what I think is best for my body. Sometimes he even gets curious and adapts my eating habits.
    My health, my body are the only things I'm stuck with for the rest of my life and I'm the one responsible for how I feel and what I do to it.

    Why can't you eat healthy? Is it you who does the cooking? Then I would probably understand why your husband is the way he is. Because he doesn't want to cook the food HE wants himself. Just guessing:iconbiggrin:
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    Your husband doesn't want to eat healthy?? Why not??

    I had a friend in your boat. See didnt want to lose weight she just didnt want to die young. Her husband wasnt' digging her idea for healthy eating.

    She compromised with him. She slowly introduced him to new healthier options of all his favorite foods. he's on board with alot more stuff now that he lose a few pounds. Maybe you can try that.

    I can never get my head around people not wanting to be more healthy.
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    I realize this is an older thread but ive been in a similar situation myself. My husband is thin always has been where as, I after having 3 kids and getting to busy to take care of myself put on a quite a bit of weight. When I decided to lose weight at first we had constant difference in opinion on what to eat since eating "healthy" was a big change and he felt restricted when he didnt need to lose weight. I took small steps like cutting out soda and drinkin water or green tea. I eat smaller portions and being on a budget I bought tons of frozen veggies,salad fixings and fruit that doesnt spoil quickly. I take walks with my kids or go swimming,but portion control has been the biggest help. I started with half of what I would normally and then cut down half of that.

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