CG solution to chlorine?????

hello everyone! im new to the CG method but i thought i would give it a try. since im a swimmer, im used to my 2c-3b(depending on the day) hair being dried out. i really have no choice but to wash it after a swim to get rid of the chlorine so i was wondering if there is a CG approved product that will get rid of the chlorine. i used to use malibu shampoo and conditioner but i know that they have the CG no-no's in them. soooo, what i can do to help my curls during the swim season? (i know that conditioning before swimming can protect it.. but that still doesnt help me with the wash afterwards.) does chlorine need to be washed out with sulfates??


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    Hello! I'm new, too, but I happened to have bought the book recently and caught that there are recommendations for swimmers (though the pool operators may not appreciate part of the recommendation). Here they are in a nutshell:

    - oil your hair first (this may be frowned upon by the pool operators) with olive oil either by hand or with a spray bottle
    - spray the lining of any cap you wear with olive oil (if you don't use a lycra cap, I assume)
    - don't use sulfate shampoo after swimming (not even swimmer's shampoo). Use a sulfate-free shampoo or do a conditioner-only cleanse (the author says that sulfates plus chlorine is double-trouble)
    - after rinsing, apply a(nother) layer of conditioner and use it as a leave-in
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    I will have to try my sulfate free Jason tea tree oil shampoo after swimming, It does seem to clean it well but I had been putting a pea(or 2) size worth of pomegranate Suave shampoo(w/sulfate) in with it but I'll leave it out next time and see how it goes.

    When I got my daughter's haircut for school this past weekend the stylist said dampen hair and put conditioner on first(of course pools probably don't like that) and it did seem to make a difference when I swam on Wednesday at our community pool. Of course this same stylist asked why when I said I use sulfate free on my hair, she said do you color it? I said no just to encourage it to keep curl. Then proceeded to tell me curls need silicone the most. :angry1: and especially for shine. I didn't go into any disagreement just let her have her "professional" opinion. Meanwhile the girl has stringy hay looking hair herself(not curly straight and thin). I just took her statement with a grain of salt and went on about my day. I've noticed a clear difference with no silicones and sulfate so I really don't care what she said. Mine happen to be dried out from swimming some but not frizzy I just haven't done a deep condition or coconut/olive oil treatments in a while.

    But I did put the condition in before my last swim and my hair was manageable even though I didn't wash it right away. I left it until that evening. Today I'm 3rd morning in since wash(no co wash or rinsing of any kind) and its pretty soft only a tad oily at scalp*just a healthy oil* but oh so flat hardly any wavy curls going on.
    2b/2c newbie CG
    routine(loosely as I learn what works):
    cowash: Suave Naturals Pomegranate
    lowpoo: Jason tea tree oil(once a week as needed)
    RO: Giovanni TTTT(will use the Suave 2nd time if the tea tree gets drying)
    :love4: Giovanni leave in & coconut oil

    Finally found what stops the itch and flaking, Neutrogena TGel, too bad its not SLS free :sad10:

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    Aubrey Organics Swimmer's Shampoo is cg, isn't it? I like this product. My nephew and I have used it after swimming with no problem. Doesn't dry out (but I always condition after).
    4a/3c curls
    Fine strands, not as densely-placed as I would like
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    this may be a dumb question but do I make the olive oil a conditioning treatment where I wash it out before I swim or do I leave it in while I swim and then wash my hair normally(with sulfate free shampoo of course) once I'm done?
  • luvs2sinnngggluvs2sinnnggg Registered Users Posts: 111
    I have another (probably dumb) question - when you say to add conditioner to your hair prior to swimming, do you mean spray water and add my leave in or full out wet my hair and condition it?
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    I don't know about your other question, but I do know that the most important thing to do is absolutely saturate your hair (so it doesn't soak up the chlorinated water) so I would full-out wet your hair and then either condition or oil it.
  • luvs2sinnngggluvs2sinnnggg Registered Users Posts: 111
    yeah. the other day I went swimming but conditioned my hair first and when I got out I could hardly even tell a that I had just gotten chlorine in it. that really worked for me. thanks everyone!!

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