Liking your hair better straight JUST because it's straight.

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Since I went CG last year I only straightened my hair about 3 times, I think, when I randomly got a serious urge to get out my straightener.I didn't really like it any of the times because my hair only stays straight for about 10-30 minutes after I straighten it--no matter WHAT I do, it'll get a bit wavier and poofier and lose the lovely shine and softness it initially has. It was okay in seventh grade when I always straightened my hair because it was cut in a way that there were layers the even when it got a bit poofy or wavy, accented my face (emphasizing the roundness, but honestly I like that look way better than when my face looks dragged down). Well now it's cut so that it does that when it's curly, so the parts that hit my face when curly go past shoulderlength when straight, and while it looks okay with it's stick straight and blends in anyway, not so much when there are random bits that i can straighten until it's like straw and it'll still curl right back up--and not in a good way.

So basically, whenever I straightened my hair (which was noticeable because it's long while curly but really long when straight) I would feel like I had to hide my face--even from a guy who i liked at the time but had stopped talking to me, when he stopped by my locker to tell me I looked pretty that day! ugh.


(okay they don't say that but that's what I feel like). each time I straightened my hair i was so relieved when it was curly again, but especially one time I got mad when this girl who I'm kindasorta friends with came up to me and was like "didn't feel like straightening your hair today?"

what, like straightening it once meant that I'm obligated to do it forevermore?

urrgh. Does anyone else feel like they don't even like their hair, or how they look, when it's straight, but everyone else acts like it's the only way they look good? I mean I guess in a way other people are the ones who see me so their opinions ought to mean more than mine, but I can't be comfortable unless I like it.

rant over :( sorry.
I'm 15 now but I don't get on often so I may be 67 by the time you read this.
My name is Sarah.
I come on here when I want hair advice because if you type in "curly hair" anywhere, all you get is advice on how to curl it. I used to get on here a lot when I was like, 12 or 13 (and first figuring out how to stop straightening my hair without being bullied), so if you happen to see some older posts of mine, shh. No judging.


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    Don't feel sorry for ranting, venting feels good :)

    I sometimes felt that way too though. I could go a week, almost 2 weeks without washing my flat ironed hair out (if done by a professional) and it'd stay straight but it would get so greasy at the roots, and dry at the ends, no movement to it. All Id be able to do was put it in a ponytail. yet people would still insist my hair looked soo nice, and I should always wear it striaght :-?. I'm glad I finally realized my healthy, clean, curly hair is nicer than fried, dried, and odd looking straight hair
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