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My name is Julie. I'm a 34-year-old lifelong resident of GA, and I've had naturally curly hair since some time in high school. It sounds strange, but when I was a child, my hair was just about straight as a board. I started getting perms on a regular basis, then at some point in high school, I quit and let my hair grow out. After that it was curly/wavy. In 1993, I got it all cut off short, and after it grew back out - RINGLET curly. It's been that way ever since.

I used to brush my hair (OMG), but over the past few years I've realized how delicate care of curly hair really is. I embraced my curls quite awhile back, but I found my way here because now I'm trying to figure out how to "treat them right."

The Curly Girl information and CO washing is intriguing to me, and I will probably start trying that next week. I just ordered the book. However, today I tried a bit of something different, and it's amazing the difference it makes! I used a tiny bit of shampoo (Pantene Pro-V which I understand now might not be a great brand) and shampooed my scalp only. Then I put on a fairly generous amount of conditioner (again, Pantene Pro-V), left it for the rest of my bath then when I rinsed, I didn't rinse it ALL out. I blotted with the towel instead of rub-drying, put my Frizz Ease spray-on in my hair while it was still wet, worked it through with my hands then used my wide-tooth comb, and let it air dry for as long as I could. Then I dried with my diffuser like I normally do, fixed it, sprayed it, and now - two hours later - it's still springy and hasn't fallen! And my curls are nice and formed and soft.


So, wow... I think that's the longest forum introduction I've ever mustered, but there it is! :)

I have very fine 3A hair!
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    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!
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    Thanks, Gretchen!
    I have very fine 3A hair!
    My Home Page:
    My Curls:
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    Hi Julie,

    That sounds like a very interesting hair journey you have had! I look forward to hearing more as your journey continues, good to meet you!

    Liz x
    Here are my curly pics, password is fuzz

    But then again, too few to mention...

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