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I have 3c/4a type of hair. I am 16 years old and I have no idea what is going on with my hair. As of august of 2010 my hair was long and thick. I cut it in September and I got swen in tracks for a week that month. I took them out and a few months later my hair broke off. I went to a specialist and they told me it was most likely because my hair got chopped off while taking the weave out. Now as of august 2011 .. my hair has grown back but some pieces are shorter than the rest. I give myself hot oil treatments and wash with Garnier Frutis. I wash my hair once a week and leave it in its natural state but it dries quickly so I wet it every other day. I deep condition my hair every week as wll. Is my hair thin because it's not all the same length yet? Should i cut my hair to the length of the short pieces so it can all grow together. The difference in the lengths aren't noticeable but i notice it. I miss my old hair. I have a lot of thickness in my roots but none at my ends. I hate to even put my hair into a ponytail. what to do? help help help help !! :(:(:'(


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    there is only one thing you can do and thats looks like your hair is growing back and what your doing is helping it but you have to wait it takes a while for your hair to grow as for cutting it you could if you find it will help
    Lo-poo:organix Shea butter shampoo
    Co-wash: suave coconut
    Rinse out:GFTN/GVP conditioning balm
    Leave in: GF daily care spray leave in
    Serum-like product: still need one
    Gel:LA looks sport gel/ HESMU,GFPC
    Oils: olive, coconut

    I think I'm normal-overly porous, medium-thick hair(although I see fine hair too), love protein

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