highlights and skin tone

TaylortotsssTaylortotsss Posts: 4Registered Users
I really want to have a lighter hair color with highlights but Im unsure of what would look best with my skin tone. :help:

here's a picture :]


  • ninja dogninja dog Curl Neophyte Posts: 23,780Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I think you would look good with red highlights. Maybe medium to lighter red. They'd look pretty with your skin and green eyes.

  • cg0617cg0617 Posts: 27Registered Users
    I think a caramel color would look really nice :) You are beautiful btw!!
  • aislinaislin Posts: 864Registered Users
    ninja dog wrote: »
    I think you would look good with red highlights. Maybe medium to lighter red. They'd look pretty with your skin and green eyes.


    I second what Ninja says!
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  • TaylortotsssTaylortotsss Posts: 4Registered Users
    thanks thats so nice of you! ! i was thinking a caramel color i just worry my hair will look really dry but im getting a keratin treatment so maybe that will help with the dryness
  • TaylortotsssTaylortotsss Posts: 4Registered Users
    and my eyes are actually brown i was wearing contacts in the picture lol
  • cg0617cg0617 Posts: 27Registered Users
    Going caramel would only require you to slightly break your base.. Wouldn't need to leave the bleach on long so it wont dry you out too bad. If you highlight, request an oil based bleach, as it keeps your hair moist during processing :)
  • NYCgirlNYCgirl Curl Neophyte Posts: 236Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Something to keep in mind when you go to get your highlights is the fact that they are likely to get lighter especially during these sunny summer months when you tend to spend more time outdoors (and in the sun). Your stylist can always tone them if necessary though.

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  • TaylortotsssTaylortotsss Posts: 4Registered Users
    thanks for all your feedback:happy11:

    and ended up doing a rich auburn brown with caramel highlights and i really love it! i decided to highlight gradually so it wouldnt be such a drastic change and i will be adding more highlights in a couple of months :icon_smile:

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