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Just wanted to know if any of you parents do anything special during the swimming months of the year. My daughters are LOVING the pool! What do you all do to prepare for the pool hair??? and what do you do after pool hair?? Right now, i dont do any prep and after I have been washing it right away and put conditioner as a leave in (usually with a little coconut oil for a little extra moisture as it tend to dry out terribly with pool water). Any suggestions?? My daughters have 4a and 3b/c hair....


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    Hi bandsbaby6!
    I would suggest getting a swimming cap for children. I purchased mine from Target. It works really good! If my daughters hair does get wet I wash it once with a clarifying shampoo, and follow with the normal shampoo and conditioner. Hope that helped! :-)
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    My 3.5yo has been in the pool 5 days a week for the past 2mos, and it's not in our reality to wash (or even rinse) it every day. I've been coating her hair in coconut oil every morning, then pulling it back or braiding it. We co-wash it 2-3 times a week, and her hair is still in great condition (still white, too- not a hint of green). On wash days I do leave in the second coat of conditioner then the coconut oil goes on top after her hair is dry.
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    I read something that if you wet the hair with tap water n apply a leave in conditioner b4 swimming that helps the hair not soak up as much chlorine. I do this then once my daughter is done swimming I co wash her hair with lots of conditioner then moisturize n twist up. Another person suggested a swim cap think I may do the same

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    I have two girls one with 3b and one with 4c.....
    For swimming I will wet their hair and put some conditioner in it then spray some extra virgin olive oil on it to seal in the moisture from the conditioner.
    I usually try and have them shower right after and co wash, but sometimes we get busy or they fall asleep and their hair usually isn't bad at all....
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    Just shower straight after :)

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    My girls swim daily in the summer, three times a week in spring & fall and once a week in the winter. I keep their hair in two/four big braids while they swim. They used to wear swim caps, Speedo brand mostly, but their caps never stayed on all their hair. Pool water always got on some of the hair. So, I coated their braids in a bit of conditioner. After they swim, I either co-wash with a conditioner or use Aubrey Organics Swimmer's Shampoo and Aubrey Organics Swimmer's Conditioner then follow up with Alba Botanica Leave in Conditioner. The Aubrey Swimmer's stuff + Alba Botanica kept their hair soft and moisturized, but I diluted the shampoo because I never use shampoo full strength.
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    my daughter is in swim lessons every 8 wks all year long. what I do is wrap her hair in saran wrap, yes sarn wrap! then place a swim cap on top. Works perfectly
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