Hey someone answer plz

brandon102brandon102 Registered Users Posts: 6
Ok like is indian hemp hair grease good for hair growth?:blob8:


  • Tank10Tank10 Registered Users Posts: 119
    It made my hair soft but for growth yes it makes your hair stronger which promotes growth but it depends if you like your hair greasy, but if not use a small amount
  • PRINCETONPRINCETON Registered Users Posts: 872
    Does it have mineral oil in it? If it does then I suggest dont use it unless your willing to risk needing to shampoo which at that point [can eventually] make it not good for your hair.

    Ive heard the hemp is not bad but then again Im unbiased to hemp anybow lol

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    which one are you using? I use the Softee Indian Hemp product and it makes my hair softer. Using too much makes my hair gloppy and sticky.
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