Frequent urination

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Since Jan. I have had this problem and am trying to lick it without medication like vesicare, which does help but I donm't want to be on this all my life. I welcome any recommendations. I am doing Kegel exercises and warding against uti's with liquid concentrated cranberry juice and I just picked up some kidney vitamin in a health food store. Any other natural recommendations are welcome. It is an annoying problem. Thanks.
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    I am not around much so I am just now seeing this post. I think you might want to see your dr. as frequent urination could be a symptom of something more serious. I don't mean to alarm you, but just want to alert you as to that possibility.

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    I agree you should see your urologist. It seems I'm always in the bathroom and as soon as I'm done, not 5 minutes passes and I have to go again. When I saw my urologist he told me to just sit there for an additional minute. I know it sounds hokey, but it works. I think the problem lays with when most of us were younger, we would hold it in and not want to go to the bathroom in school (I never went once in school..too many people poking their heads over or under the stalls). Holding it in is bad, and some of us still do it, because we're to busy to go to the bathroom. This has a strange effect, because psychology we feel rushed and as soon as the last drip comes out, we're already wiping and pulling up our drawers. But... if we just hang out for another minute or so, you will probably go again and you won't be visiting the bathroom 900 times again.

    On another note....are you thirsty as well. Frequent urination can be caused by diabetes. You should have your blood glucose checked.
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    I had a kidney infection a month ago. No sign of a uti or anything, jus a lot of urination, went on for a lil while then the pain started.. :p

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    Please see a doc. (gynecologist or urologist) a.s.a.p. and get this checked out. I've had that - not fun! and could lead to something serious if it isn't treated. Please post back and let us know how you are.

    ETA you may need a hormone cream. I know you'd prefer something natural but sometimes you need standard meds. :(
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    Get it checked out by a dr. Frequent urination can be symptoms of things such as diabetes, bladder infections, kidney infections, UTI, kidney or gall bladder stones, hormonal changes, etc.

    I wouldn't leave it to chance, I did, and probably irreversibly damaged my kidneys, and the nerves at the tips of my extremities as a result of having untreated type 1 diabetes. I know you'd prefer the natural treatments, but for some things, those natural treatments can be ineffective at best - and often dangerous!
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    And you're right, it's a pain in the tuchis. That said, I do agree with those who say you should talk to your doctor, just to be on the safe side. There are a few suggestions I can make. First of all, cut off your itake of beverages by at least 7PM in your time zone (I actually cut off at 6). This will make it more likely that you wont be up every hour at night. You can also try to train yourself to go past the discomfort so that you can stretch out the time between trips to the bathroom. For some folks this can work. Unfortunately, it didn't for me. I need medication, or I'm up every 20 minutes. But Vesicare isn't the only med out there (I know how expensive it is, even with insurance). There is one generic--and thus less expensive--med you can take. If you talk to your doctor, she (or he) can prescribe it for you to save money. As I'm not a medical pro, I won't identify that drug here, as it would be inappropriate. Good luck, I hope I was of help.

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