Relaxer didn't work- can I dye it?

BabyRayBabyRay Posts: 2Registered Users
So I've gotten my 3a curls relaxed TWICE in a salon and it didn't work. The last one happened 1 week ago.

I know normally you need to wait 2 weeks after relaxing before you can dye your hair but since it didn't work do I still have to wait that long?

Thanks in advance!


  • afrosheenqueenafrosheenqueen Posts: 5,400Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Yes, I would still wait. You may not think it did anything but I'm sure it did.

    In my experience, relaxing doesn't completely remove curl. It makes it easier to detangle and flat iron though.I relax my hair now and it's still curly which is how I prefer to wear my hair.
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  • AlliekinsAlliekins Posts: 21Registered Users
    what do you mean it "didn't work"? hair relaxing is not like the japanese and brazillian systems that will leave you with straight shiny hair airdried out of the shower. You will still have to blowdry and flatiron your hair to achieve a straight style. To be honest, you're probably not noticing much of a difference.

    Why are you relaxing type 3a hair anyway? Is it excessively thick or something? I'm just a little confused.

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