Your best color!

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My hair has been a zillion different colors over the years: red, light brown, dark brown, highlights, lowlights, skunky streaks - and I always come back to a rich, deep, red-based black. I think it's my best color...until I get the color itch again! :happy6:

Whats your best color?
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  • jomammajomamma Registered Users Posts: 50
    Mine is a slightly red rich chocolate brown. I loved being a redhead, but it's waaay too much upkeep. Right now, I'm letting my color grow out and my greys grow in (I'm only 29) to see if I can pull it off. I'll most likely color it again, but it's interesting to see how many I have lol ( there's a LOT more then I remember). What brand do you use, or do you get it professionally done?
  • LISA LISALISA LISA Registered Users Posts: 566
    I use L'Oreal Preference - but I think I'm going to change to Excellence next time. My grays are very resistant, and since going CG, they've become more so.

    I've never had a bad experience with L'Oreal and a 20 vol. developer. I usually leave the color on for 40 minutes instead of 25 so it comes out a bit deeper & richer than the hair swatch.
    Big Chop from hip - 5/2014
    Enjoying the journey to APL or BSL!
  • jomammajomamma Registered Users Posts: 50
    I use Wella color from Sallys with a 10 developer. Not sure the color (but I know where it is on the shelf lol) it leaves my hair in better condition Then some of the box dyes, plus it's much cheaper. I keep thinking if going darker, but when I do, I always wish I'd gone lighter... Go figure
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    I use L'oreal Preference. I've usually use 2 boxes at a time and alternate the roots so I end up with more natural hair color rather than one color all over. I've been using Light Ash Brown mixed with Dark Ash Blonde but my hair has gotten too dark and ashy so for the next time I'm just going to use Dark Blonde on the roots and see if that lightens it a bit.

    Each time I do my hair I look at it first and try to figure out which color will work best. I love red hair and I tried it but it made my skin look very sallow. I tried blonde years ago (double process) but it killed my hair so never again.

    Interesting thread!
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    Medium to light ash brown. Whic is my natural hair color.

    I have a light, olive skintone, and any other color just doesn't work for me. And I've tried them all.

    Red brings out the yellow in my skin and I practically look jaundice. Any golden tones also make me look sallow.

    Too light of a brown usually pulls too warm. Too dark (even some medium browns) looks too harsh.

    I even went completely blonde once. Which was such a process, killed my hair, and warm tones came out within a week and it looked orange.

    It's very difficult, and such a fine line that I'm better if I just leave it alone and don't color. But I love to color my hair.

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