Gentle Shampoo that wont cause RESIDUE?

I have been using Selsun Blue for the past two weeks and I have noticed although it seemed to be working in the beginning I have noticed that my hair is less curly on the top. It is as if the shampoo is stripping my curls and causing my hair to look frizzy. I also believe my scalp is really sensitive. Anytime I use certain products that are CG my hair becomes oily and white residue builds up after wards.
It’s hard to explain…I usually use deva low poo and the no poo and then L.A looks sports gel and plop or diffuse (not every day though. Mostly I air dry) but for some reason my hair is oily after several hours. Why is this? I make sure I rinse out enough.
What gentle shampoo can I use? That won’t cause white residue?
Curl Pattern:2c/3aFii
Texture: medium
Porosity: low to medium in the winter
Density: medium
Elasticity: normal
Characteristics: flat top, no root curl, easily weighed down, protein sensitive
Hair ingredient likes: Honey,olive oil, deva low poo
Hair ingredient dislikes: coconut oil, wheat protein, hemp, henna, protein
Hair Twins: still seeking.


  • theliothelio Posts: 5,374Registered Users
    if your hair feels oily or greasy after washing, the shampoo may be to blame. Have you tried a no poo? just use baking soda and rinse w/ apple cider vinager. or maybe a low poo. you can use your regular condish add a little water and wash with that.

    the selsum blue may be too harsh for your curls. if you are using it for dandruff, instead of that try some tea tree oil. HTH!
  • mslittlelalamslittlelala Posts: 139Registered Users
    Just wanted to chime in saying
    STEP AWAY FROM SELSUN BLUE besides the sulfates
    it will start in the crown making the curls less curly and for me
    it made my crown THIN I mean REALLY thin and I know its to blame
    it and ketaconozole but at least keta / nizoral warns you it may cause
    thinning selsun did no such thing anywho
    try Giovanni Triple Treat Shampoo
    For the white yucky residue (i get it too)
    Try an apple cider vinegar rinse
    If you use products use them half down your length away from your scalp
    FULL CG - 2nd Attempt 2/27/11
    TYPE: Fluffy see through coils & corkscrews when dry & product free
    HGS underlined
    DC: AOHSR / AOGPB / AOSwim / Elucence
    PO: BWC RM / CV Poo Bars
    Cowash: Vo5 KL / GTTT Dilute / Vo5 SC
    Warm mths - help??
    Cool mths - H20, Olive oil, whipped shea butter
    STYLE: La Bella Styling Gel / Deva SIF

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