Thank you curly girls!

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I stumbled upon this site last week in desperation as my naturally dry, naturally curly hair was rebelling after too many colour treatments. I was searching for a product that would make it more manageable and stumbled across the technique of 'plopping'. Wow - I could not believe how great my hair looks ALL the time just by changing the way I dry it!

I live in Australia but am in the US this at the moment and would love to pick up the CurlEase towel that everyone talks about. Can someone tell me where I can purchase them in New York or San Francisco (where I will be next week)?

Also, I love the range of products I have seen while in the US (and so much cheaper than at home). I would love your advice about which are the best shampoo, conditioning (prefer to use a treatment every wash) and styling product - especially styling products - to buy! Currently I use a moisturising mousse (Revitafoam - no styling effect, just moisture) and am running out of the styling product that I apply after the mousse. I prefer a product that doesn't leave a crispy finish.

Looking forward to you advice!



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    How about telling us a bit about your hair type so we can help adise your hair style. :)

    Type of curls?
    Dry, course, oily, etc etc?
    length of hair?
    Time you plan to put into getting ready?

    3B ; BSL; Low Porosity; Med Texture; CG since July '10.
    Clean: Ever Sleek
    Treat: EVCO, Neutrogena 3xMoisture
    Tools: Boar Brush, wide tooth comb
    Styler: Garnier Sleek&Shine
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    Hi, Thanks for your reply. I think I am a 3b. My hair is very dry and is coloured with highlights every six weeks. It is shoulder length. I prefer to wash it everyday but have invested in a satin pillow cover to see if I can extend the life of the fresh look. I am really liking the effect of plopping and picked up some Miss Jessie's quick curl lotion which I like so far (think I am using too much). The person I bought it from suggested I use it alone but I really think I need a leave in moisturiser before I use a styling product. I would like to speed up the drying process by using a thinner towel (I use a microfibre towel now) with a diffuser as I have seen someone suggest on this site. What do you think?

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