Do you get amazing hair when your on vacation?

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I travel a lot. Usually to the Caribbean. It is strange though because I usually have the best hair days when I am on vacation. I had great hair in the Caribbean, Hawaii, Florida. However, my hair does not like Santa Barbara humidity, which is where I currently live. Does this happen to other people?
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    I totally know how you feel. I notice when i went to Orlando, FL i had amazing hair days....I also have them back in New Jersey where I lived all my life. Since I have moved to Texas a year ago i have had like maybe 2 good hair days is so horrible. I think it just depends on where you are, i would have expected my hair to be horrible in jersey whether since its always humid there.
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    I agree with you too! I live in Germany, where it's usually a modest, colder climate and we used to go on vacation to Turkey or Spain, and my hair was very pretty ringlets without even any product in it. Since then I believe that my hair (or maybe curly hair in general?) really likes that sunny, rather dry weather near the ocean :)
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    Yeah... I travel a lot too. The worst experience I had was in a small town in Greece where the water was so bad it made my scalp itchy and made me break out. I ended up having to use bottled water as a final rinse for my hair and my face!

    I've moved somewhere humid not that long ago and have had to start using gels and oils. I've never been a big fan of gel before as I've never like using large amounts of product in my hair. But that's what my hair wants. :-?

    It's a shame that what works in one place doesn't seem to work in another. The plus side is that end up learning how to "read" your hair better and learn what it needs. :glasses1: It also means you get to try all those products that don't work at home when you go on a holiday!

    Good luck getting "holiday hair" at home!
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