Just wanted to introduce myself.

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Hey guys. I've decided I want to go CG! I am very excited about this. I first heard about it a couple of weeks ago from my aunt, who has curly hair like me. She got her hair cut and the stylist (a curly girl as well) told her about the CG system. My aunt told me about it, and (of course!) I was very excited. What's better than finally figuring out how to care for my beautiful curls? Well, anyway, I rushed over to Barnes & Noble only to find that they were out of the book! So I ordered it and got it yesterday. I am so excited!

My name is Mikka Dee Hewitt. I am a eighteen year old high school senior from Texas. I have always had a love-hate relationship with my hair. When my hair decides to be good, it's gorgeous. But when it decides to be bad, I've got frizzies so bad they could take over the world.

I think I'm a 3A by looking at the chart. It's a medium brown color and medium-longish, past my shoulders. I have a variety of curls on my head. Some are loose curls, and I have a few smaller ringlets.

I go through stages where sometimes I don't do anything to it and leave the heat tools alone and embrace my inner curlygirliness. But sometimes I straighten it everyday. I think the only reason I flatiron it is because it calms down my frizzies and makes it easier to deal with. I like the way my hair looks when it's curly and being nice. Curly hair really fits my personality. I think when I have straight hair, I'm hiding who I really am. I'm in disguise as a mild-mannered boring girl. But inside I'm vibrant and full of life and unpredictable just like my curls.

What I want to achieve is shinier, healthier hair. I have a problem with getting split ends. I'd really like to grow my hair longer, but it grows really slow and I get such bad split ends that every time I go for a trim, they have to cut a lot off. I want to be able to completely stop using damaging tools like my beloved flatiron. I want to stop my love-hate relationship with my curls and get a love-love relationship. I am also having a big problem with losing my hair. It seems like everytime I comb my hair I end up with a wad of hair about the size of a rat. And my shower barely drains anymore! I know it's related to stress, I've had a really crappy six months or so. Is there anything I can do about this!? I don't wanna be bald! :shock:

I've been trying to figure out which products are going to be good for my hair. It's so confusing! Can someone give me a few tips on what to look for. The ingredients list reminds me of chemistry homework, which is NOT a good thing! Silicones, silicates? It sounds so SILLY!

Just wanted to introduce myself and see if anyone has any tips for someone about to jump into this whole new way of life for my hair. I'm excited! :D


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    Welcome! We're glad to have you.

    For specific advice, please visit one of the hair boards. :)

    NaturallyCurly.com co-founder

    You are beautiful!

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