help with going CG!

Okay so the past few days I've been going CG and right now i have 3a curls with long layers cut into it. Well, for some reason it isn't working it looks terrible !
I've been shampooing with sulfate free shampoos, and conditioning really well and not combing or brushing . And I dry with a microfiber towel by scrunching then put in some gel and for some reason it dries disgusting and frizzy and weird !
It like has way too much volume, frizzies in the back and not a pretty texture at all ! I don't know what I'm doing wrong ! I even rinse conditioner out with cool water and leave a little bit of it in.
This morning I had to brush out my hair because of how frizzy it was and it dried flat and weird. (I know i shouldnt brush but my curls looked really weird)

Is there something that I'm missing here ? I have too much frizzies, weird texture, and a lot of volume.


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    What kinda product are you using? Do you have coarse or fine texture of hair? When I first started it took a while to find the right combination. Ive never tried to lo-poo, I co-wash and I rinse All the condish out. I found it easier to rinse it all out then add what i need back in that why i know exactly how much I have in. My suggestion is to first find out your texture and porosity you are that way it will help when choosing your ing. in your prod. O and read the newbie forms lots and lots of info on how to start off in the right direction. Good luck! and welcome:hello2:

    this to me is the best place to start
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    styling: LOVE FSG.. CK, BRHG, CJCQ KCCC, LaLSG
    protein: CJ rehab
    And yes I'm turning into a PJ :thumbup:
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    It sounds like you have buildup on your hair.

    Is your conditioner cone free? If there are any ingredients in it which end with -cone, -conol, -col, or -xane, but don't start with PEG or PGG, it isn't cone free. (Your styling products should also be free of cones, waxes and petroleum products.)

    Did you start by doing a final sulfate cleanse with a shampoo which is cone free, but contains a sulfate detergent? The most common sulfate detergents are sodium laurel sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, ammonium laurel sulfate, and ammonium laureth sulfate. After you do this, as long as you don't apply any cones, wax, or petroleum products, you shouldn't need to do this again, so you don't need a giant bottle, if you haven't already done this.

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    I use Giovannis Smooth as Silk Shampoo and Conditioner and sometimes use Ouidad Climate Control Gel or Herbal Essences Set Me Up Gel.
    My hair isn't fine or thick it's kinda in the middle, I just have a lot of hair
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    I think there could be cones in the gel...Maybe that is causing buildup?
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    The Ouidad gel has a non-water soluble 'cone in it.

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