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I just completed a new keratin treatment. I ended up using Keratin Cure Gold and Honey - it states it is formaldehyde free. I was searching for a formaldehyde free brand that I could purchase in a sample size. A few brands are same day wash and formaldehyde free, but this is the only one that I could get on ebay that was 2 oz. I have been happy with both inoar and qod max white, but feel they may be too strong for my hair. I also am searching for a keratin that I feel comfortable using on my daughter (she's 16). Thats when I decided to take the formaldehyde free route.

My hair probably could of gone a few more weeks, but I am leaving for Mexico next week and wanted to be sure that my hair would hold up to the humidity. My hair seems to get poofy as the keratin is wearing out. Curl has not come back to my original 3B, but the poofiness was taking over. I'm sure it is because I have colored my hair twice since my last BKT and the last home coloring really seemed to take a toll on my hair. I usually demi color my hair between salon visits, but this time tried a permanent color.

Okay, so for the treatment. Instructions state that there is no need for gloves or ventilation. I washed with clarifying shampoo three times (my hair seemed to have a lot of build up). I poured out the solution into a plastic bowl and immediately thought this does not look right. Solution was more watery than the others I have used. I applied with a color brush and just barely had enough for my shoulder length hair. I feel that some parts of my hair probably did not have enough, but I was out. Not feeling good about the product at this point, but the smell was mild and there was no need for a fan while I was applying it. I'm was still thinking that this is not going to work just because it was different than my other applications.

Sat with it on my hair for twenty and then blow dry and then flat iron. There is definitely a need to use a fan during this part. This is when I finally felt like it was keratin on my hair. Smell, fumes, and smoke. However, no where near the fumes and irritation that I have experienced with the others. Hair was not silky smooth when I finished, but it was straight and coated. It says you can wash immediately, but this just feels wrong to me! Don't know if it is really necessary, but I slept with it in my hair overnight. Washed this morning and could not believe how straight it is. It feels really good, but doesn't have that extra shine I have had with Qod. My color faded alot too and my hair is brassy. But, thats my fault with the coloring. I might use a demi next week to cover the brassiness, but I'll wait it out a bit.

So all in all, I am happy with the product and feel that maybe I should use a formaldehyde free. I really want to try Qods brand next and hope that keratin4U will be selling some samples. It will be interesting to see how long this lasts. I will be on vacation and swimming daily, so I may just end up washing it away really soon!
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    Just a quick update on my keratin cure hair. I have washed it twice and it is looking much better today. It has been really limp and flat on top since I did it. I actually diffused my hair upside down to get some curl. So funny I do that now, when before if I ever tried that it would be huge and frizzy. Anyways, the only thing I notice different in this treatment is when I am washing it. Smell is still there and it tangles like crazy. Almost like when I have relaxed my hair in the past. Not sure how to explain it, but past relaxers, including phytorelaxer, have always made my hair feel "fake" when I was washing it. It would tangle and knot and take forever to comb out with conditioner. This feel somewhat like that. Does anyone else have this experience with shampooing or cowashing? None of the other keratin treatments that I have used have had this same effect - just wondering?
    3B dark brown shoulder length
    Co-wash, Living Proof No frizz, Biolage Gel, Giovanni vitapro fusion leave in

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