CJ help - lots of leave-in?

So I think I've figured out that my recent frizz problems are due to not enough leave-in. I used to either rinse my conditioner just for a few seconds or add lots of my rinse-out conditioner as a leave-in (til it feels seaweedy/squishy). (In fact, I think I remember that when I first starting reading this messageboard, there were no products marketed as separate leave-ins!)

Anyway, I went and bought both the CJ smoothing lotion and the beauticurls leave-in for some crazy reason. Both of them (I think) say to use "a small amount" and I've read posts saying that a little goes a long way. Well a little is not working for me! My hair looks like I haven't used any leave-in at all. But everyone says that the smoothing lotion especially is so detangling and moisturizing. What am I missing? Maybe these leave-ins just aren't designed to be used in seaweedy/squishy amounts?
2c who can't seem to find enough moisture! Trying to figure this out once and for all 7 years after going CG!


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    I just ordered them myself, so I can't comment on the products themselves, but have you tried using more than the "recommended" usage? Everyone's hair is different. Maybe yours needs more LI than others.

    I have never thought of adding more LI to help reduce frizz...I know, where have I been, right? I normally just use a pea sized amount of whatever leave-in I am using that day. I think I'll try more LI next time to see if it helps with my bit-o-frizz :confused1:. Thanks for bringing this up!
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    I usually use quite a lot - way more than a pea-sized amount, until my hair feels nice and 'seaweedy'. Use as much as you like :) It depends on your hair and the product but you soon start to learn what your hair needs :)
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    i use way more than the recommended on leave ins, my hair craves it! the recommended is a starting place.

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    Thanks for the replies! Honestly, I don't know why I'm so chicken about CJ leave-ins. Maybe because I know people have gotten OC'd from CJ products and I don't feel like dealing with extra hair problems!

    Today I washed with GTTT poo, RO with GFTN, then rinsed upside down. I used enough CJ Curl Rehab so that my hair was completely coated and seaweedy, with no frizz. It took about 2.5 fingers worth (finger = one finger dragged across the jar). Then because I was STILL worried about overconditioning (!), I rinsed upside down for just a few seconds, enough to get dripping wet. Then I raked and scrunched a few handfuls of JC RR, plopped, and diffused. There was some flash drying, but it's looking good so far. My waves are really loose but that could be because of the shampoo or the leave-in. We'll see how it goes!
    2c who can't seem to find enough moisture! Trying to figure this out once and for all 7 years after going CG!
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    CJ products are very conditioning and I find they do OC my hair pretty quickly...but that's only after I got it cut and the damaged hair is gone. Before the cut, I could use a crazy amount of LI, CJ or otherwise without a problem. It just depends on the condition of your hair!
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