Transitioning without the chop - HELP!

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It has been about 9 months since my last perm & I feel so much relief from not having so much chemicals on my hair. I colored my hair 6 months in to check the hair growth in my process. After reading everyone elses blogs and posts about transitioning without the big chop, I am wondering if I am putting too much heat on my head. I wash/blow dry and straighten my hair once a week in the winter, and every 2 weeks in the summer. Every post that I have read states to NOT put so much heat on your head, but I have doing this for the past 9 months! Will this effect my hair in the future? I am afraid to leave it curly until I cut off the rest of the permed hair because I feel like it would just look funny (I love the texture of my curled hair, but feel like I have to straighten it because the rest of my hair is strait). I do not plan on cutting the rest of my permed hair off until May 2011.

Any suggestions?


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    You're like my transition twin (last perm was 9 months ago and also thinking about BCing in May but still not decided yet). I, too, have read in a lot of forums that you shouldn't use heat on your NG. I am by far an expert and am new to this as well. But I would ease back on using the heat for awhile if I were you. You don't want to cause any type of damage to your NG. What heat setting do you use? Do you use heat protection on your hair? Hopefully someone with more experience can give you more specifics.
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    hello ladies,
    FYI: it's never a good idea to put that much heat on your hair. Too much straightening will affect your curl pattern of your hair and will definitely damage your hair. If you do not like to where you hair curly b/c you're in transition, where rod sets, roller sets, flat twist, etc. but any style that calls for little to no heat. I've been transitions for 15mnths now and I can count the number of times I wore my hair straight. If you prefer to where you hair straight, wear extensions so your natural hair will be protected from heat damage (straightening). Just a word of caution with extensions do not wear it longer than a month without letting your hair breath. Also if you do continue to frequently straighten your hair at least use a heat protector on you hair. Hopefully this will help in the future with you hair.:thumright:


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    You guys are going to hate me, but I don't really use anything when straightening my hair! I focus more so on my scalp because I have a dry scalp, so I oil (my scalp) while I straighten. I'm set in my ways, and have been blowdrying & straightening my hair like this since high school...and now that I think about it, my hair used to be longer and thicker when my mom used to do it (she used to perm it and then braid it, never used heat) and then when I started doing it got shorter & shorter.

    So with my transition I am going to ease up on the sraightening and see if I can do some other styles. I have time this weekend to experiment (= Are there any suggestions on hair products during my transition to use? I also want to shy away from braids or adding hair. So any natural hair ideas?

    Thank you for all your help ladies!

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