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So while i was getting my hair relaxed last week nmy hair dresser told me my hair was never really going to grow unless i stopped relaxing it. So i've decided to go natural. I've been googling it for two days now and i can, with all certainty, tell you that DO NOT want to cut off all my hair. But i've been getting all this information that if i dont cut it my hair will just fall out and break anyway.

How do i transition into my natural hair without doing the 'big chop'. Also while transitioning can i straighten my hair, like with a GHD for special occasions?

Also i know this isnt the forum for it but whenever i get weaves they always end up stiff and useless. What am i doing wrong?


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    Hmm, I think you should start to create a regimen during your transition. You have to ask yourself questions like: When am I going to wash/condition my hair? How often? With what? Which products should I avoid? etc etc. The same questions for moisturizing, conditioning, detangling/combing and (protein) treatments.
    You should also try some protective styles, cause during your transition your hair gets really weak due to the line of demarcation.

    There are LOTS of sites on the internet with essential information about transitioning. Here on NaturallyCurly are lots of informative threads and articles.. Or just Google some keywords like "going natural", "transitioning without bc/big chop" etc. and you'll find your way out, for sure! Good luck :)

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