looking for help from experienced curlies

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I have been a fan of the Curly girl book for MANY years, haven't used shampoo forever and have tried tons of products including the Deva curl line, redken, bumble and bumble, Wen, and probably all the cheaper drugstore brands. I have 2C type hair, as far as I can tell, sometimes it is really curly, sometimes not as much. my hair is red, layered at my chin, and always FRIZZY! I use clips at the top while drying, at night, etc. but it always falls back after an hour or two into the dreaded frizzy pyramid, so I find myself constantly scrunching to get the lift which just makes it more frizzy, of course! I usually have a conditioner leave in, then styling product over that. am I using too much so it is weighed down? I love my red curly hair, I would love it so much more if I had hydrated well defined "s" curls that don't become a pyramid when I walk out the door! I also live in the rainy Northwest! I know My hair can be pretty, I just haven't unlocked the mystery yet! Looking forward to hearing from the "been there, done thats"!


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    Hey why don't you try posting your dilemma in the 2C section. I'm sure those ladies have a ton of great advice as to what you can do to fix your problem. ^_^
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    Have you been looking out for silicones in your products? You could have 'cone build up from not using shampoo and it is making your hair dry and frizzy...
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    THANXXXXX! I didn't even know there was such a place! Finding my way around this site is going to be fun!!:walk:

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