How can I style my hair to look like this?

discreetthinkerdiscreetthinker Registered Users Posts: 22
Here's a picture of Bianca Lawson from Pretty Little Liars:

I absolutely LOVED her hair on the first episode. Idk if that was a wig or not...but I WANT my hair to look like that. I have naturally curly hair similar to that as well as the length...but I can't seem to make it look all wild and free...mine always looks matted down. Anyone know how to do this? I see some people with it and I'm like MANNN I want my hair to do that. Is it just a lot of scrunching?? Haha.


  • thescholarthescholar Registered Users Posts: 20
    My hair is big but not quite that big, I rinse it out, mousse it, and scrunch it all upside down so I get a lot of volume right at the roots. Once it's dry, I slip my fingers under my hair right against my head so that it gets a little bigger. I don't know if that makes sense but it gives me like 2x the volume.
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    Well, I actually happen to know how to make my hair that way. I'll describe the routine to you and you can see if it works for you. So wash the hair (shampoo only) with the head bend over or rinse it that way. Gently wrap a towel around it (head bend over) and remove after about 30 secs. Stand up - hair falls down. Take some oil (like two drops, not much), or some styling product that helps define curl but is not heavy (and make sure you take a really small amount of it), bend over again, gently grab your hair in handfuls trying to sort of put it close to your scalp so that the weight won't get in the way of curl and volume and wilderness, make sure you apply your product evenly and continue grabbing your hair that way until your back is sore))) as long as you can is best. Then, when you can't hold that position anymore you stand up and whip your hair a bit))) Let it dry. When it's halfway there you can wet your hands (with water) and bend over again and grab your hair some more.
    It is also important to note that my hair is fine and thus is less dependent on gravity))) If your hair is more heavy you'll have more trouble getting it fly like that but hopefully this will help.
  • discreetthinkerdiscreetthinker Registered Users Posts: 22
    Thanks!!! I'll try that!!!

    Does anyone else know of a technique??

    I tried using a blow dryer with a huge diffuser and it kind of helped...but the upside down scrunching also did the trick as well..but I want more volume!!!! Dont know how to achieve that. Maybe my hair isnt the right texture for it?

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