CJCleansing Poo- do you have to mix yours?

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I bought mine a couple of weeks ago from Curlmart, and every time I pick it up there's about 1.5-2 inches at the bottom that is more opaque and white than the rest, which I would say is more transparent. I always have to shake it up to get it evenly dispersed, because otherwise it remains separated and looks like it settles out after awhile.

Anyone else have this experience, or did I get a bad/potentially old one from Curlmart?
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    mine is not like that at all. you might have gotten an old one from curlmart.
    you can email marsha at [email protected] and ask her. but explain that you bought it here, not from her website.

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    Ah, I felt that would be the case. Thank you for the tip. I am going to be emailing Marsha and curlmart to make sure.

    Thanks again! I hope to get this sorted out without having to pay for a bunch of return shipping and the like :-P
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    Marsha wrote me back and let me know it's not the product gone bad- so for anyone with these future issues, the 'poo is still actually still good!

    It has something to do with one of the ingredients settling out due to being bottled towards the end of a batch.

    I just can't get over how this company's customer service is so top notch!
    Wurly, fine, thin, moderately to heavily porous. Mod CG.

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