stroller advice from active parents?

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any recs? I am new to living in the snow and this is hard for me to figure out- I have a 14mo old and really miss getting outside, walking aroud, hiking, etc- is there a stroller I can use in snowy conditions? I found on by googling and it looks different, but I don't know much about it (or living in the snow!)

There is some type of give away, so I guess I can always enter and try to win one :) but I would love to have some feedback!



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    I would think that any real jogging stroller with good shocks and big, heavy-duty wheels would do OK in the snow, the bonus being that you could also use it the other seasons. I've not used one in the snow but I have used my B.O.B. stroller on pretty rough trails and it did just great.
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    My brother and SIL used a hiking baby carrier until my nephew was about 3. They even used it in the house when he would get over-stimulated at get-togethers, etc. It could be an option for you.
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    I have never seen a stroller like that! I think you would have to get a lot of snow every year to make that worth getting. I have a jeep jogging stroller and I love it. Mine even can be connected to my iPod and has speakers on it so we can have music..


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    I had a Baby Jogger brand stroller with 20 inch wheels. It went through EVERYTHING, including snow, ice, and deep/soft sand on the beach. It got me through the young years of 4 children and made my life enjoyable. It was worth every penny.

    Like this:


    You can find used/refurbished Baby Joggers on eBay. The size of the wheel is important...smaller wheels won't go through the tough stuff.
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    You can also check out Craigslist for jogging strollers. I've been thinking of getting one and just went on there today and found several for sale.
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