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Hi everybody. Don't know if this is the right section to post this in, so please move its wrong.

So i had mid length hair throughout my mid teens and i didnt really know how to take of it. Since i have very tight curls i tried to lay them a bit or reduce the curl by wearing hats and or drying them with a beanie on. 1 out of 5 times i got them how i wanted but besides from that it just looked bad and dry. I shampooed them once/twice a week and used conditioner as well a cure once a week. I wanted to grow them out but in that time i couldn't bare the constant care and i just cut them all off to a buzz cut.

Now my hair is like 2-4 centimeters long and it isn't as tightly curled as usual, just wavy. its like i wanted it to be when long but i guess that when it's growing longer it's going to curl tightly again. Or is it possible it wont?

If it's going to grow back as it was before i want to grow it out long and big. I want it to grow over my forehead and keep it clean and round around my head, not too long on the sides and back. (no mullet)

When wet they looked like this kiradc.jpg

I want them kind of like this: but only maybe 1 1/2 or twice as long. going down to my eyes. and over ears.

Kind of like this :26818b.jpg

I guess this has everything to do with cutting it afterwords. So i want to know if there's any special stuff i can do while grow my hair out. and how i should be cutting it while growing. My forehead is kind of long so it will take some time too grow it over it and i also have a crown at the top of my head so its more standing out from it then growing over it.

Should i just grow and grow and then let the right cutting be done, i would like to have a fairly good hairstyle while growing as well. so i wont tap into the trap of doing the same thing to my hair as last time.

Im writing this so detailed because my hair has always been a big issue in my life and i haven't had it easy with it. I just want to find a hairstyle that im comfortable with and i would like to give growing really out a try because then i wont wonder what i would have looked like.

thanks for all answers and all tips are appreciated


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    Ahh not sure if I can help much, I'm writing because I'm doing the same thing. It looks like we have different hair types but I've had success with lots of conditioning and not washing it every shower with shampoo..opting instead to wash it with conditioner when I don't wash it with shampoo. After the shower I don't friz my hair up by going crazy with a towel and kind of dab it dry followed by a good leave in conditioner. As far as styling I got a recommendation on this site to use a alcohol free gel which also helped alot. When it comes to cutting I'm starting to have success with just letting it grow out how it wants then when I have too much of a hard time with it I go to have it cut and just tell them I'm growing it out but I'm having issues with <insert misbehaving part of hair here> and they fix it so I can let it grow again..but in a neater way.

    Not sure if it will but hope it helps in some way.
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    It's time for you to discover co-washing because the shampooing you did is what cause you to have the results you hated. Use more conditioner and more often. Curls require moisturizing conditioners above anything else and not just once a week.

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