If your hair is too short to pineapple...

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What do you use while you sleep to keep the curls in tact?
*Shampoo - Tresemme Naturals (low sulfate) once every week or two.
*Conditioner - DEVA One (used for co-wash too). Yes To Carrots conditioner.
*Leave in - Garnier Fructis Clean styling cream & gel (DEVA gels are hit or miss depending on the weather. ULTA medium hold gel is also silicone free).
*Other likes - DEVA moisture lock spray, Ducks Clips (spray with gel first), diffuse 30 - 40%.


  • SarahZminaSarahZmina Posts: 15Registered Users
    I always sleep with a satin night cap. I have to put kleenex around the elastic or it puts a line on my forehead. It does a really good job, though. All I have to do is get up in the morn shake my head a bit, put some DC Mist-er Right in my hair, scrunch a bit and that's it!
    3a on top and 3b underneath

    Wash: Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo
    Co-Wash: WEN Tea Tree Mint Conditioner
    Condition:DevaCurl OneCondition
    Leave-In:DevaCurl OneCondtion
    Stylers:Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper and DevaCare Arc AnGel
  • wendi.wendywendi.wendy Posts: 174Registered Users
    I second the satin sleep cap! I got mine from Sally's (they also sell it at Wal-Mart) and it has a smooth headband so it is comfortable and doesn't leave lines in my forehead -- plus it was cheap! :D It's called Stay On Satin Nites Bonnet Sleep Cap.

    When I use it, I don't even need to style my hair the next morning...just shake it out and go. I love it!
    ~ Wendi in IL
    3a - fine, colored hair w/normal porosity (loves protein!)
    CG since March 2010
    Co-Wash: V05, Suave or Cure Care
    Low Poo: Desert Essence
    Condish: GVP Balm, CJ Beauticurls Strengthening

    Leave-In: Cure Care, KCKT
    Styler: SS FHG, Re-Coil, LALSG, BRHG

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    I pineapple what I can and then bend over and use a long piece of Vet Wrap to hold the shorter pieces up while I sleep. Like a headband but down on my forehead. Of course I do look like I'm ready to going drumming for the Union Army, LOL!
    < member since 2006 (no idea where 1969 came from :toothy10:).

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    [FONT=&quot]Summer: (high dew point) co-wash [FONT=&quot]& leave-in [/FONT]Matrix Biolage Cleansing Conditioner for Curly Hair[FONT=&quot]. [/FONT]Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel.[/FONT][FONT=&quot] Spring and Fall: (perfect dew point) co-wash & leave-in Curl Junkie Repair Me! or [FONT=&quot]CJ [/FONT]BeautiCurls Strengthening Hair Conditioner; f[FONT=&quot]ollo[/FONT]wed by [FONT=&quot]CJ Pattern Pusha & [/FONT]Curl Queen.[/FONT][FONT=&quot][FONT=&quot] W[/FONT]inter: (low dew point) add in [FONT=&quot]CJ [/FONT]Coffee-Coco Curl Creme Lite[FONT=&quot].[/FONT][/FONT]
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    Wow. I'm amazed at how many of you can do that at all. There is no way on earth I could go without - at the very least - getting in the shower and drenching my head with water and re-styling every day. ...And I never even do that. I do all my stuff in the morning - every morning. Even if I co-wash (which I usually don't - I prefer a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo), I still go through the motions of "washing" and styling. So, I couldn't care less what my hair looks like in the morning. But, I do sleep on a silk pillow case to avoid tangles.
    Janet ~ Northern NJ
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    Conditioner: CJ Smoothing Condish
    Styling: CJCQ

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