New look for the New Year....

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I have black medium length 3C Type hair that is really thick, I mean I got a lot of hair lol. But im looking for a new cut that I can do at home. I have been thinking about bangs. Can anyone share with me about how to cut bangs in 3C type hair?

Additional Information: I really am looking for a style that is easy. I only shampoo my hair once a week, air dry it and apply some regular VO5 Conditioner in it for moisture and no frizz. I keep it simple with my hair and usually put my hair in a bun. But for the new year I wanna wear my hair down more.

Please feel free to share hair tips for 3C type and style ideas.

Also I would really like to know how to cut bangs in my kind of hair, and what you guys think about 3c type with curly natural bangs.

Thanks ladies


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    Well as a 3c-er with curly bangs . . . I had mine cut when my hair was straight, it was cut into side bangs and then when I washed my hair the bangs just fell over my forehead and ta-dah bangs.

    I am leery of cutting my own hair, although I have trimmed my ends myself before, but I was scared because my hair curls so tight and Lord only knows how uneven my ends will be when I straighten my hair out to get it trimmed evenly. I didn't think about that until my ends where already in my trash. LOL .

    I would consider going to a salon and maybe finding someone that could cut your hair the correct way. Again, this is just IMO.
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    How to cut bangs in 3c hair:

    1. Make sure hair is 100% dry.. you could do this at the end of the day to make sure your hair is as dry as it's gonna get.

    2. Determine how short you want them (nose length, chin, jaw, etc.).

    3. Grab a section of the front of your hair to figure out how much of it you want to be the "bangs". You don't really need to part perfectly, which is the beauty of curls, but a good guideline is to grab the section of hair between your temples. It's better to not be too precise because each curl is different.

    4. Make your first snips on the underneath curls, and work your way to the top most layers. Cut the top layers a bit longer so they are even with the under layer (which will be a bit shorter than the top layer).

    5. Make sure you eyeball every snip or two to make sure things are even.

    If you're going to cut, cut a tiny bit at a time, because once it's cut it's gone.. so cut a little at a time, one curl at a time, until you reach the length you are going for. ETA: Also make sure you are not stretching the curls..let them hang naturally where they fall.

    Bangs are easy to cut since you can see exactly what you're doing.
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