newbie... still on the fence about cutting my permed hair off.

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I'm a college student and I have always had "long hair for a black girl". My hair is curly-kinky. I just had a sew in for 2+ months. It was a natural looking weave and I got compliments every day at my HBCU from strangers. However most of my friends and family gave me compliments when I took it out and permed my hair. It kind of hurt. So I have to prepare myself mentally for what people will say back home when/ if I cut my hair & go natural. I've always gone to salons so doing my hair on my own really intimidates me. Just wanted to stop by and say Hi. Hopefully I get the guts to cut my hair eventually....



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    FAMU13 wrote: »
    I'm a college student ...

    doing my hair on my own really intimidates me.

    I can relate! :]

    Hang in there! You dont have to do the big chop if you arent comfortable. I have 3a (not very curly compared to others) hair, and just let it grow out. Sure the difference in textures is awkward, but it allows me the comfort of having hair. I do braids and buns a lot, and use moose for styling. The "old hair" shapes easily for me with mouse... but I understand this does not work well for more coily hair.

    Good luck!! :]
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