Please help me decide on keratin treatment!

Hey curly girls! So I can really use some help in deciding which keratin treatment to go with. I have very thick 3b hair naturally and I have gotten the Brazilian keratin treatment a couple of times to fantastic results. My hair had a bit of a wave for a month and then the curls gradually came back. The time has come for another treatment, but I'm not sure if I want to get the BKT again because it's known to have formaldehyde. I went to Annabelle's both times and the stylists and I both had to wear masks but I think the one they use there has lower levels of formaldehyde.
So I started taking accutane three months ago which if any of you may know is a pretty strong drug. Because of this I want to go with a treatment that is safer and hopefully doesn't have formaldehyde so I don't have to endanger my body anymore! lol
I've been trying to figure out which one to get and there's so many options. Its so confusing! The Brazilian blowout, although it claims to have no formaldehyde, actually does and the BKT does as well. Therefore, I'm considering the Coppola Keratin treatment. Do any of you know if the Coppola has formaldehyde because I still want my hair to be a lot less curly for a few months and then gradually gain its curl back. Which treatments do this without the formaldehyde? Thanks! :)


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    Well, everyone knows my vote's for QOD Max or Gold. I don't think you're going to find a viable formula in the near future that is truly formaldehyde or aldehyde-free. The QOD Gold doesn't list it as an ingredient, but's manufactured outside the US, so their ingredient listing requirements don't have to adhere to US standards. I believe their explanation was that the amount of formaldehyde in the formula was below the minimum level requiring it to be included in the ingredient listing. That's *some* comfort, but not much. But, I'm not concerned about BKT formaldehyde exposure. My hair issues have been far more toxic to my life than one could possibly imagine; so, at age 44, I'm fine taking the possible health risk to have a more peaceful coexistence with my hair...and it's been all that and more.
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