morning sickness and food aversion qs

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hi, i guess this is my announcement :D - i am about 8 weeks and very very happy. i was getting nervous about conceiving, my bf and i let nature take its course for a year without making focused efforts, and (finally) conceived in september sometime. i'm glad to be part of the mom club!!!

i am having moderate morning sickness, i lose my breakfast only maybe twice a week. i was kind of surprised how violent the vomiting is. :( i'm heaving alot at any time of the day. well, i consider it moderate, i'm curious about what others experience.

i am objecting very strongly to all meat and coffee. which i had all the time before. :/ i can't even look at someone eat a cheeseburger on tv. food shows are ruint for me now. lol.

i don't know any pregnant women right now - i know a few folks are expecting here - subbrock, amneris.. ??? i would love to hear even the smallest of everyone's experiences :) - past or present.

how often did you have / are you having morning sickness? did you hate foods that you normally loved?

are you supposed to avoid the things that make you sick? i had a peanut butter sandwich incident that i never ever want to repeat again.... or does it even matter? will i get sick regardless of what i eat some days?

going to the doctor this week but it's more fun to ask you all. thanks :)


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    Hi there and congrats! I was sick in the first trimester with my first pregnancy but had few issues with my later 2. With my first, I also had tons of food aversions. I found that if I ate food I could tolerate and didn't let myself get hungry, it kept the nausea in check- I still didn't feel great but I wouldn't throw up. Some foods that I found helpful were frozen juice pops, really cold fruit (and this is odd)- linguine with clam sauce (I couldn't even look at other seafood). My nausea got a lot better after 12 weeks, but the food aversions continued throughout the pregnancy.
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    thanks cosmicfly. you lost me at the linguine with clam sauce. :D but i am on board with fruit, smoothies and things like that. i try to have snacks around all the time. i'm already tired of crackers and bagels though. blah.

    interesting that the aversions were throughout your pregnancy. i'm hoping to eat meat and fish at some point.
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    I didn't have any specific aversions, but the smell of certain things would set me off. My oldest had this diaper cream we had to stop using because it made me gag. Also, just the smell of goldfish crackers (one of his favs) made me queasy.

    I ate tons of fruit with my first pregnancy. Second one, I loved spicy foods. I made more pots of chili than I can remember.

    I did the old saltines and ginger ale trick, lots of dry cereal, Popsicles, and sea sickness bands. I tried to go with my cravings and not get too hungry. It lasted about 16-20 weeks for me each time.

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    I didn't have a ton of food aversions (the only one I remember was Italian food), but I was sick with my daughter for the entire pregnancy. It eased up from being all day around the 6 month mark, but I still threw up every morning. With my son, I was done being sick by the end of my second trimester. I did find that keeping my blood sugar level helped me feel a little better. It didn't completely cure it, but I felt way worse if I wasn't eating every 3-4 hours.
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    I didn't have too many sick issues with my pregnancies. I was usually a wee bit queasy for the first 12 weeks, at various times of day, with a few odor-aversions, but it was relatively mild and went away at 12 weeks each time. I think I only actually vomitted once, and that was with my first pregnancy. I think my experience is fairly typical. Contrary to what you hear/read, most women do not get sick past the 12 week mark. We just notice the sick women more because they are the ones who talk about it. The non-sick women, who are the majority, don't bother talking about it because it's a non-issue for them. So, chances are greatly in your favor that you will be done with the sick part very shortly.

  • RedCatWavesRedCatWaves Registered Users Posts: 31,259 Curl Connoisseur
    nadina wrote: »
    thanks cosmicfly. you lost me at the linguine with clam sauce. :D but i am on board with fruit, smoothies and things like that. i try to have snacks around all the time. i'm already tired of crackers and bagels though. blah.

    interesting that the aversions were throughout your pregnancy. i'm hoping to eat meat and fish at some point.

    Please try to get enough protein. A fairly strong link has been established between pre-eclampsia and low-protein diets. If you can't eat meat and fish, then be sure to get some other form of protein at each meal, like beans, cheese, milk, eggs, etc.
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    I had very strong smell aversions (laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid) and a few food aversions (any type of Asian food, grape soda). But I threw up only once during each pregnancy.

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    I vote girl...
    I was sick for the first trimester...ay yi yi
    Just remember that it is temporary.
    My sense of smell was heightened much more than it already
    I still can't stomach vanilla scented candles much to this day...oy
  • sarah42sarah42 Registered Users Posts: 4,034

    I was very queasy with both pregnancies until about week 14. It helped if I ate saltines or some other bland, starchy food. Fruit or popsicles were also pretty soothing on my stomach, and for some reason I really craved McDonald's hamburgers.

    I had a few strange food aversions, including parsley and Thanksgiving-type food, like turkey. They stayed with me for longer than the morning sickness.
  • subbrocksubbrock Registered Users Posts: 8,212

    i've had hyperemisis with this pregnancy and when i was pregnant with majerle, so i don't really have any advice. i'm past 20 weeks and i'm still puking. :( i do try to eat vomit friendly foods though (no rice, pasta, foods with a strong taste, etc).
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    thanks guys, i love to hear about the range of experiences. and the strange smells that bothered you. i'm jealous of the folks who vomited just once. but i just tell myself it's the baby reminding me he's there :)

    @subbrock - what does that diagnosis mean practically? you get sick multiple times a day? i'm sorry it's so tough, i know it's exhausting.

    @rcw - unfortunately eggs are an impossibility also. i gag even thinking about them. otoh, i make it a point to have milk and dairy products. i used to be a vegetarian too in the 90s, so i have some good bean-based recipes that i've pulled back out. i think it's balancing out ok. i'm just glad i'm not craving a lotta junk.

    @nynaeve - about the blood sugar thing - i am finding out my body is on a much more delicate balance these days. hunger becomes a serious issue suddenly! i tried to go out with friends, without drinking of course. and ending up retching up my late night snack.

    @wile - i am CONVINCED there's a boy in there. :) then again, my mom's a twin, so that's also possible.
  • WileE-DeadWileE-Dead Banned Banned Users Posts: 24,963 Curl Neophyte
    @wile - i am CONVINCED there's a boy in there. :icon_smile: then again, my mom's a twin, so that's also possible
    I did notice you said, he :D
    Wouldn't that be something?! :glasses8:
    Hubby always wanted that...I was :o

    How about do this just for fun? :colors:
    alright curlies, just be patient w/ ole wile e!
  • subbrocksubbrock Registered Users Posts: 8,212
    nadina wrote: »
    @subbrock - what does that diagnosis mean practically? you get sick multiple times a day? i'm sorry it's so tough, i know it's exhausting.
    basically you puke 24/7 and can't keep anything down (not even water). i've had to go to the hospital and get IV's to be treated for dehydration, i've lost 15-20 lbs, puked blood up because my throat was so raw, etc. some people even ruin their teeth from all the acid. it's no fun at all.

    How about do this just for fun? :colors:
    it predicted wrong for me. boo.
  • mad scientistmad scientist Registered Users Posts: 3,530 Curl Neophyte
    subbrock wrote: »
    some people even ruin their teeth from all the acid. it's no fun at all.

    I think this happened to me. I had perfect teeth pre-pregnancy and ended up with enamel wear afterwards. The dentist said that its caused by eating too much acidic food, but I didn't clue in until later that it was probably 5 months of daily vomiting x 2 pregnancies that did my teeth in.

    I had miserable morning sickness both times. Worse than most everyone I know (but not hyperemesis, I never needed an IV).

    But what's amazing is that no matter how bad it feels, one day you wake up and the nausea is gone. Its like a fog lifts and you are suddenly feeling normal again.

    And congrats!!
  • StarrwithoutniteStarrwithoutnite Registered Users Posts: 1,732
    I have not been sick really, I dont feel great but I have not thrown up and unless I take my pills too early or I get too warm then I dont feel nauseous at all. I had one food adversion but that was only once. A banana was the culprit.

    BTW- Congrats :)
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  • nadinanadina Registered Users Posts: 640 Curl Connoisseur
    @subbrock, that sounds intense. :( i am not so bad, but i can never tell what's going to set it off. i have found if i even drink cold water too fast, i retch.

    @madscientist. i am realllllly hoping to retain my teeth. :) i never even though about the acid aspect. i just rinse and go about my business. hmm, i guess i'm at the higher end of the whole nausea/vomiting thing?

    babyman says BOY. so clearly it's right. 50% chance right? but i'm happy with either. i have no preference, i have a premonition :)
  • redmumredmum Registered Users Posts: 125
    Hi and congratulations!
    I am sorry to hear about your sickness, I have had three pregnancies and vomiting all day with all pregnancies until they were born. It is hard but worth it. I found that fizzy mineral water was all I could cope with at times and it really helped. It is amazing how things smell sooo strong when pregnant. I hope you find something that helps you. Either way it is great to realise you are not alone.
    I also had this excess saliva thing, totally wierd and revolting, could not speak without a ton falling out my mouth!!! yuck!
  • AmnerisAmneris Registered Users Posts: 15,117
    Congratulations! Hope you have a great pregnancy!

    With J, I was sick until about 6 months in. I knew I wanted more kids but it certainly made me apprehensive to try again.

    I am still sick with this one at 15.5 weeks. The sickness is very different though. With J, there were no food or smell aversions. For the first few weeks, I was so nauseous I could eat very little, but then in the second trimester, I would think I was fine, eat whatever I wanted and then suddenly throw it up a little later. I could not eat something again if I had seen/felt it come up, so my options became limited quickly. I didn't start gaining weight or showing until about 6-7 months in.

    With this one, I have MAJOR problems with smell, and the sight or taste of certain things (can't brush my teeth without gagging, can't clean my son's potty from his BMs without getting sick, can't open the fridge without gagging and/or throwing up if certain things are in there.) I think I'm actually vomitting less than my first pregnancy - sometimes it will only be once or twice a day - but I have long stretches of debiliating nausea, fatigue and dizziness where I feel like I will puke or don't and all I want to do is lie down. With J, I never had that and my fatigue was really bad for the first few weeks, but much better by 12 weeks or so. I am on Diclectin which is supposed to help - not sure if it is and it would be worse without it, or if it is not doing much.

    I would like at least one more child but I'm not sure how I would do this, work a demanding job, look after 2 kids, etc. It's hard enough being in school but at least I don't HAVE to go to class and I can work on my own schedule a little more and there is accomodation. I know each pregnancy is different, so that's my consolation.

    I have heard that a sick mother means a healthy baby. I didn't get to hear the heartbeat at my last appointment so being so sick has helped a lot to ease any concerns I might have - it's a good sign that things are going well inside and apparently the loss rate is lower if you are sick. Pregnancy sickness really sucks, but I am so happy to be pregnant and experiencing this miracle without too much stress or effort that I have to remind myself that I am blessed.

    As to eating, I have to force myself to - besides the sickness, my stomach for some reason can only hold a little (I thought I was supposed to eat more) and there are very few things I can eat. I know I should be trying to get protein but I cannot stomach the thought of eggs or beans which is all the protein I eat really. I also cannot handle vegetables. I can eat fruit and I can eat plain carbs (I have been surviving on plain macaroni and plain white rice with a little coconut) and that is about it. I love tea but I can't drink it any more - was never a problem in my first pregnancy.

    Some of the things suggested to me that didn't really work for me but might for you are ginger, SeaBands, getting up and eating during the night, keeping your stomach full.

    Hope you're one of the women who has it ease up soon! I read that the peak is at about 10-12 weeks and that was certainly true for me.
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  • subbrocksubbrock Registered Users Posts: 8,212
    not to worry anyone or be a debbie downer, but don't invest too much in the "sick mother, healthy baby" phrase. with my last pregnancy, i had morning sickness that lasted all day, but still lost the baby. there were about 3 weeks from when the u/s tech told me that i had a miscarriage from when the dr. confirmed it and i was still sick the entire time.
  • nadinanadina Registered Users Posts: 640 Curl Connoisseur
    hi redmum, it's kind of funny, it seems like the remedy depends on the day. i'm still working on it, i am so hoping it doesn't last the whole time!

    hi amneris - i haven't tried any medicine yet, though the doc gave me a prescription. sounds like we are in the same boat so i might try it. if i'm at home, it's definitely much better than when i'm at work. i would have weird moments where ANYTHING would set me off in the bathroom, like a hair on the floor, or seeing garbage. and i'd get dizzy and vomit. thinking about certain things gets to me too. my strategies are mainly eating whatever sounds good, ginger ale, eating every 2 hours or so, and lots of bland foods. yogurt, cereal and bagels are my best friends.

    i also say to myself, it's just the baby reminding me that he's there. i wish he liked more foods though. :) unfortunately if i make something one night, i usually can't eat it the next day - especially if it's got a lot of flavor. i'm wasting a lot of food :(

    subbrock - i'm so sorry for the loss of your sweet baby. believe me, i think about the women i know who have miscarried every day. i know 4 women who are around the same age who lost their pregnancies. and i've drawn a lot from your story and other women who have shared here. in some ways, i feel better acknowledging that yes, i am afraid, instead of pretending it can't happen. i can't know my destiny, i just want my baby to live and be healthy.

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