scared curly :-(

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I am very scared...this is the second month that I've had a very light brown period with very light cramps/almost not there...

Does anyone know if this means I may be preggers!?!

The only reason to why im scared is because im physically not ready to be pregnant. I was in a very bad car accident 3 years ago to where along with losing my leg and many horrendous injuries my pelvis was fractured in numerous places and I still have alot of pain due to the fusion I had a year ago and I am pretty sure its not 100% at this point I think carrying would be possible but extremely difficult.

Now with that being said...I am on birthcontrol pills and have been religiously for about 2 years now...along with pain meds and for a very short time an appetite supressant...idk if the appetite suppressant or me losing around 20lbs in 3 months would make my period light and brown for 2 months but I need someones advice to if I should relax and be thankful for a light period or take a pregnancy test...

I do appologize for the long post but I don't know where to turn without freaking out my doctors....

PLEASE HELP A SCARED CURLY OUT...I Really appreciate anything! Xoxox
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    Take a test. It'll put your mind at ease or help you start making some decisions.
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    Im sorry about ur accident, I also suggest pregnancy test, or a blood test.. My friend got pregnant on the pill so its not 100% effective, so its better to know asap to figure out nutrients, or continue using the pill or alternatives..
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    You are probably not pregnant, but go ahead and take a test. It will put your mind at ease and you can get past it.
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    CGNYC wrote: »
    You are probably not pregnant, but go ahead and take a test. It will put your mind at ease and you can get past it.

    Ditto. There are a number of reasons you could be having a light period.
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    If it's any consolation, those were not the symptoms I had in my early pregnancies. I felt nauseated, sick to my stomach, had sore nippes and no period. Of course everyone's different, so I doubt this was helpful. But I just wanted to send you some ((HUGS)).

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