braxton hicks contractions question

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i'm 17 weeks pregnant, but i'm already experiencing braxton hicks contractions. i never noticed having them while i was pregnant with majerle. i know it's pretty early to be experiencing this, but i also understand that i am under a tremendous amount of stress. they're pretty intense, but go away once i change positions or calm down.

does anybody know if there is a correlation between early and/or intense braxton hicks contractions and actually giving birth prematurely?


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    I always felt BH contractions early on...definitely before 20 weeks. Many women don't notice them, especially in first pregnancies, but they are normal and happen all during's your uterus keeping in shape. Staying well hydrated will usually keep them from being too terribly annoying.
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    I had them with DS from week 21 on. So much that I was hospitalized a few times and was on bed rest for the last 3 months. I was under tremendous stress (husband in Iraq without contact) and I knew that exacerbated it. I also felt a lot of other things early on in #2. As long as you are keeping up with your doc I wouldn't worry. Under the circumstances you're in I'd do weekly appts with your OB. Can't hurt...
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    Contact your OB DR. You may have a UTI. In some pregnant women, the only symptom is cramping. Sometimes a vaginal infection will also cause uterine cramping. Staying super hydrated will also help.
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    i know that staying wel hydrated helps, so i'll work on that. and i'll talk to my OB about it too.
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    I definitely noticed them earlier in my 2nd pregnancy. They were more intense, too.
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    I had them starting at 21 weeks with baby #2. Didn't get them until well into the third trimester with my first pregnancy. They were also a lot stronger the second time around. They would always be worse if I was on my feet for too long and wasn't drinking enough fluids. I found that drinking tons of water helped. For what it' worth, my DS was almost 6 weeks premature but not sure if that had anything to do with it. It wouldn't hurt to mention it to your OB.
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