Help me diagnose/fix this frizz...driving me crazy!! (link for pics)

lisamarie37lisamarie37 Registered Users Posts: 6
I could really use some help! I have got some type of messy frizz going on and I don't know what is causing it or how to get rid of it!!! I can get great curl formation, but the top especially has this awful messy frizz. If I clip the top 1/3 of my hair up, the underneath looks great!

I have tried ice queen, super soaker, [buylink=]curl keeper[/buylink]. I have deep conditioned, protein treatment + DT, got rid of silicones. I have done sulfate wash and ACV rinse. Nothing seems to be getting rid of it.

I have normal texture, low to normal porosity hair and it is on the thicker side. Here's what I am typically using:

CoWash - V05 condish, GVP CB as rinse out, [buylink=]KCKT[/buylink] leave in, [buylink=]KCCC[/buylink] + BRHG. Sometimes I use [buylink=]Re:coil[/buylink]. I have tried coconut oil too.

Here's the link with pictures that I think show it pretty well:

Thanks so much - any input would be so great!!


  • CheetaraCheetara Registered Users Posts: 2,182 Curl Neophyte
    I don't see much in the way of frizz. It looks just like a few fly away hairs to me.

    However, for me I can cause frizz when I'm clipping if I manipulate my hair too much.
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    2B, medium? normal porosity and elasticity?

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    I live in the NYC area.

  • leonita poraleonita pora Registered Users Posts: 175
    What frizz??! Just kidding... I can see there is a bit at the crown, but I agree with Cheetara, it looks mostly like some flyaways. I have the same problem and haven't found the best way to fix it. Someone also mentioned on another thread that canopy frizz could be new hair growth.

    Maybe smooth a little gel or butter or oil (if you hair can take the butter or oil) over it. If it doesn't take readily with that, maybe add some heat to to activate the products by lightly diffusing just that top area.
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    Yeah...I don't want to offend, but I really don't see anything but normal curly hair. Our hair is never going to be 100% smooth like straight hair. That amount of frizz is so normal for me I don't even notice it anymore. I agree with Cheetara, the best we can do to avoid frizz- besides using the right products- is to not touch our hair at all until it is completely dry (unless you're diffusing of course, but I try not to touch mine then either). My hair is finished styling at 9am, but I don't SOTC until noon, sometimes later. If the weather conditions are right, when I scrunch with Nourish & Shine my hair is as smooth/nice as it's going to be for the day. That being said...even at this ideal point I still have the same amount as frizz as you!
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