Newbie with 2a hair: help!

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I've been no-pooing for a week now, using Devachan low-poo and conditioner. (Deets: 41 years old; colored to hide grays; generally wash at night when the kids are asleep; I never blowdry.)

My problem: my hair is cut in blunt cut with bangs, and the damaged ends curl in nasty unpredictable ways unless I attack them with a curling iron. Which, of course, only damages them further.

I'd like to grow my hair down to shoulder length (and grow out the bangs), but how do I handle those nasty out-curling ends in the meantime? I hate looking so messy, especially at work. (I do find I have to brush my hair. Otherwise it's a wild woman mess in the morning and cannot be shaped.)

Hmm, let's see if I can upload a picture (nope; will have to try later when I can mess with Pshop).


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    I am confused by a couple of things so before spouting off, I will ask for clarification!

    Are you low-pooing some and no-pooing some? If you are always cleansing with lowpoo, then you are lowpooing. Nopoo would truly be just conditioner cleansing only.

    I am also wowed that you are a 2 a (like me!!) and your hair is wild in the morning. Mine is flat and kind of straight. Instead of brushing, have you tried or considering misting and either diffusing or even adding a leave in on your ends?

    Lastly, how long has it been since you had a cut? Can you get the damaged ends trimmed off and now that you are caring for your hair, it will grow and remain healthier? It could be a positive cycle that could eliminate the curling iron need!

    Just some things to think about!!
    I'm 47. Straight hair until 6/2010. THANKS, thyroid!
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    Hmm, like justajesuschick, I too have a few questions. I am no CG expert (very very far from it), but I agree that if you're getting "unpredictable" curls, you might be closer to a 2b, even if it's in the shorter bang part of your hair.

    A few things to think about that I've noticed in my hair, which is also colored - my hair LOVES conditioner and feels almost crispy if it's too dry. When I first started CG, I co-washed every single day, which dried my hair out even more. What would happen if you just rinsed your hair maybe every other day to start with?

    Another option for letting your hair grow and allowing it be curly is to use bobby pins to create a little poof of bangs on top. I do this sometimes if my hair is flat at the roots, and it adds volume and keeps the curls out of my face. It actually helps my curls stay curly the rest of the day (b/c I'm not tucking those front strands behind my ears).

    Like I said, I definitely am not CG expert, I'm not even a total convert yet as I have had serious conversations - to my hair- that it is acting up. :roll:
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    What happens if you stick your head under the faucet in the morning, add some leave-in conditioner and some gel, scrunch with a t-shirt and let it air dry?

    So even if you don't have time to wash it in the morning, re-wetting and letting it do its thing might work better than using heat.

    I do something like this - can post more details if you want.
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    For some of us it is key to get some of the water off our hair. The water adds weight to hair and pulls the curls downward as they dry. Plopping helps. You may also want to jump start your hair drying with a diffuser and then finish air drying.
    This thread should have a link to plopping.

    You also may want to look into using protein if you have damaged hair.
    This is a good article about protein. (a blog to help new wavies, go to the how do I get started page)
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    ...for all of the advice. To answer your questions, I guess I am low-pooing - using the Devachan low-poo shampoo and conditioner about twice a week. Plus Devachan's curl mist (I forget its name). Nighttime showers, but I banana-clip, scrunch, and try to let it dry as much as possible before I go to sleep.

    Now that I'm several days into it, the ends are behaving MUCH better. I got my last haircut about a month ago, and I'll probably wait a bit before trimming off those damaged ends.

    More waves are emerging! Very exciting. I hope I can grow it down to my shoulders, for the first time in over a decade. Thanks again.

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