hair help please!

riahkriahk Posts: 3Registered Users
Hi :)
I am new to this site and I need some help with my hair. I have 3b hair and I wear it up almost every day because it is ALWAYS frizzy. Does anybody have any suggestions about what to use to eliminate the frizz? Or any updo's that would work well with my hair? Thanks!


  • animecurlsanimecurls Posts: 18Registered Users
    if i ever have my hair up, i pin it in a very elegent up do, almost like this:
    thats not the best example, but where i got the idea from, thats a style best for more formal do's or parties.

    for more casual or everyday a messy bun or a classic pony tail are just fine.

    my hair used to be very prone to frizz (it seems to change its genetic make up every now and then) and i used to, and still do, put mouse and an anti frizz serum, my recomendation would be the frizz ease brand, for wet hair, and another type of frizz ease and maybe a tiny bit of hair spray to keep it in place if you decide to wear it down.

    hope this was useful to you. :)
  • riahkriahk Posts: 3Registered Users
    Thanks for the suggestions! I will definitely have to try that updo and the frizz ease. :)
  • DerbyCityNaturalsDerbyCityNaturals Posts: 422Registered Users
    design line silk drops are also awesome.
  • animecurlsanimecurls Posts: 18Registered Users
    good luck :) let me know how you get on with it :)
  • riahkriahk Posts: 3Registered Users
    thanks! Frizz ease works well and helps my curls stay in place without using to much product. :)
  • SydkneeeSydkneee Posts: 25Registered Users
    I have 3b hair, I'm pretty sure. I use the Curly Pantene Pro-V condish. And then after that I have a mix of this condish and olive oil in a bottle and I use it as a leave in. I think it works because I have very porous hair, so it may work for you too.

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