4 months transition w/o BC...HELP

PrettyMsNikiPrettyMsNiki Registered Users Posts: 1
I'm just starting my hair journey my last relaxer was May 6,2010 for graduation. I've always said I would never go natural and felt like I needed my hair to be bone straight but now I'm starting to see how much damage all thoes years of relaxer have done. I've had micros in and just took them out and went right into a silk wrap. I'm getting mor and more irritated b/c I'm not used to my edges being so wavy and 'nappy'. I need advice on a transitioning style I really want to get a good straw set b/c I love curls but I'm afraid they won't look good after I've slept on them. I need help


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    MsNikki, when they say "transitioning" that's truly what I have found it means. Not only transitioning out of the perm, but out of the mindset that your hair has to be bone straight. I, too, used to giggle to myself when my best friend, who was natural, would ask me would I ever stop doing a relaxer. Here I am, almost a year and a half after transitioning without a big chop, and I am feel the most free with my hair that I have ever felt!
    Transitioning styles that are good are buns, braids, twist outs, and even weaves. The whole point is just to protect your hair. As for the straw set, I have never had one, but it might work the same as my natural hair as far as keeping the curls overnight. I got the tip on this board to put my hair in a "pinapple" on the top of my head at night, and sleep with a satin cap or pillow. In the morning, I shake the curls out. That seems to work. Maybe try that with a straw set.
    I wish you luck and encourage you to have patience.
    You can do it, girl!:pl:
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    Hello fellow transitioner. I have been transitioning for almost two years. Yes, a straw set will work and believe it or not it will last for a very long time depending on how you sleep. I typically just don a satin bonnet on my hair and push my curls upwards inside of the bonnet at night. Other styles that will work are rollersets with magnetic rollers or rodsets. You can jazz the styles up with flat twist or just wear them plain. Hope this helps.


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