Hair Growth Challenge

TeeKenTeeKen Posts: 5Registered Users
I'm going to embark on a hair growth challenge. So join me. Tell me your hair type, current length and desired length. Challenge lasts 5 months, ending in January 2011.
We make up the rules as we begin.
I'm a 3c/4a
Current length: 8"
Aiming for: 12" by January

Every hair type is welcome because I wanna see different growth rates.


  • SpeedGoddessSpeedGoddess Posts: 118Registered Users
    I'll join in. Mine just got cut. It was at my lower back, and now it's right beneath my shoulders. Took off 6-7 inches.
    I'm a 3B/3C
    I'm aiming for 2 inches of growth by January
    Should we post pics too?
    Hair type: 3B

    CG since: Dec '08

    (Johnson&Johnson No More Tears Shampoo when need help with build-up), Suave Naturals condish, leave some in, LaBella Gel, then out the door!

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  • roxanne_terriroxanne_terri Posts: 28Registered Users
    I'll join. I'm still not sure of my hair type. I think I'm a combination of 4a/4b but i have some curls that look more like 3c curls.
    I just did the BC in April/May so I'm aiming for about 2 or three inches below my ear by january.
    We should definitely post pics. : ) I just started a fotki, so maybe we should do it that way.
    16 and Natural

    3 No Longer Transitioning and Going

    Trying To Tame My Curl... Or At Least Work With It

    Mi mama thinks im Loco for doing this

    Figuring Out A Routine.
  • rolltidegalrolltidegal Posts: 307Registered Users
    I've been reading this site for years and finally just joined the forum. I'm a 19 year old college gal, and my hair is near the bottom of my ears. I'd like tops of my shoulders by new year's, but I doubt it'll happen. We'll see!
    Oh...I'm mostly 3c with a little bit of 4a mixed in...
    Roll Tide!
    I was at the 2009 and 2011 BCS National Championship Games :)

    Medium-coarse, super high density, normal porosity, low elasticity.
    I'm currently trying out various Curl Junkie and Devacurl products.

    password is 'rolltide'
  • Curly_3CCurly_3C Posts: 9Registered Users
    I'll join too :)

    I'm mostly 3c with a few 3b underneath

    My hair is just pass my shoulders and I would like to grow it half way down my back. :)
    Learning to love my 3c curly hair

    Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain
  • kaika_dragonkaika_dragon Posts: 50Registered Users
    Hi. I'm 3a/b, and my hair is BSL when wet. I would like to get it to BSL dry.
    College student with super-fine 3a-b curls.
    Currently loving shampoo bars, and looking for a new conditioner and leave-in.
    Just lovin' the smileys!!!
    CG for three and a half years!
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  • ElithiaElithia Posts: 297Registered Users
    I'm a 3a/3b (nineteen-year-old college student too, high five rolltidegal!).
    My hair's collarboneish dry (I figure four-ish inches of shrinkage, though it's hard to tell).
    My ultimate goal is to grow it out as long as it will get, however long that may be. But I bet I can do four inches by January.
    Proudly CG since 8/10/06 - the story of my hair!
    Type: 3a/b, very thick
    Length: almost BSL wet
    Products: Suave coconut conditioner, coconut oil, Totally Twisted gel

    Don't forget to be awesome!
  • TripleThreatXoXTripleThreatXoX Posts: 35Registered Users
    ill join too
    im 3a/3b with some relaxed ends
    about 24 inches maybe longer when pulled straight
    desired length is 30-32 inches by this time next year b4 i start high school
    dont know how long this will take but ill try
    ~Imma Rock n Roll chick, baby. And I'm not afraid to say so~ :)
    3a/3b curls
    Co Wash: Suave Naturals Coconut
    Conditioner: ..... still on the lookout for a great one
    Stylers: KC Knot Today, AG recoil (sometimes), & LA looks Sport gel.

    ... yea, I sing, dance, act, run track, play field hockey, photograph, ......and what not... I am a busy bee<3

    XOXO - Claire :love5:
  • SandraDSandraD Posts: 2Registered Users
    Sounds like fun! I'm new to this site, just cut 5" off my length last week, which was passed my bra strap. After flat ironing my hair for 2 yrs I'm ready to go all natural and get my hair as healthy as possible. I just started my Deva Curl products and going poo-free!

    I'm going through flat-iron withdrawls and I'm missing my long hair very much:cry: I'm trying to stay positive and really enjoy coming on this site and looking at all the great styles all you curly girls have!

    My hair type is a combination of 3a & 3b :compress::compress:
    :happy9: Hair Type:
    Combination 3a & 3b
    Poo-free as of 10-12-10
    Deva Curl products
  • gniesamgniesam Posts: 127Registered Users
    I'm soo in!! :D

    this is actually cool. i haven't cut my hair for a while now..

    my hair is now like 12 inches stretched out. not stretched out it gets up to ontop of my clavicle. while it's stretched it gets like 4 inches below.

    by january i would love to have my hair atleast 10 inches longer. ! this would be great for my birthday!:occasion6:

    btw i have 3a/b hair with some relaxed ends and one half or my hair is an inch longer than the other.:sad5:
    Soon from shoulder length to bra length, while curly.

    Hair Routine:
    Organic Conditioner to cleanse and leave in
    Almond, EVOO, or Castor Oil to seal.
    No gel, but if needed FSG

    3bc. some rare parts in 3a. I have mixed hair due to heat damage and texturizers.
    medium thickness.
    normal density.
    normal porosity.
    dark brown.

    No Pooie since Oct. 6th 2010:blob2:
  • Nikki2u92Nikki2u92 Posts: 12Registered Users
    I would love to join. I was thinking about doing something like this with my friends. I am 18 yrs old and on a budget because college, so im looking for affordable products so it would be sort of like a fresh start because I just cut my hair also. This would be perfect for me.

    Curl Type- 3c, 4a
    Current Length- 7 1/2- 8in
    Desired Length- 12 in
    Curl Pattern: 3c/4a
    Hair Length: 8 in.
    Goal Length: 12 in. by Jan 31, 2010
    Shampoo: Garnier Fructis- Triple Nutrition
    Coniditioner: Herbal Essences- Hydralicious, Reconditioning Conditioner
    Deep Conditioner: Hollywood Beauty- Carrot Cholesterol
  • gkeithgkeith Posts: 1Registered Users
    Hair type 3c
    Hair length- shoulder length
    goal length- BSL
    I am about 3 inces away from my goal. The back of my hair is longer than the front. The front is shoulder length
  • moo49moo49 Posts: 118Registered Users
    Hair type 3c/4a
    Hair length- TWA
    Goal- Shoulder

    The bottom left side is uneven to the right int he back because awhile ago i got frustrated and pulled out a lot of hair. But its growing back and evening out again.
  • radiant ringletsradiant ringlets Posts: 22Registered Users
    hey guys! i'm getting a trim soon and i really want to grow out my hair so i thought i'd join...

    I'm a 3b
    I'll be right around BSL when i get my trim this weekend
    My desired length is waist length
    Not sure when i'll get there but hoping for a constant growth of .5 inches per month.

    Good luck everyone:)
    CG since Feb '09 : )
    Thick 3b currently using...
    Low-Poo: TJ's Nourish Spa shampoo
    Conditioner: TJ's Nourish Spa condish, Garnier Fructis (the one w/o cones)
    DT's: Shea butter, Olive oil
    Leave-In: L'oreal Paris Ever Pure Rosemary Mint
    Stylers: HETT gel, L'oreal Paris clear minded gel
    Also love ACV rinses : )
  • CurlyPolkaDotCurlyPolkaDot Posts: 1,174Registered Users
    2c/3a With random 3b

    Shoulder Length (Wayyy past it actually but not APL yet)

    Goal - Waist but by January I want to be at APL or super close.
    2c/3a - M/C - ii/iii
    Countess DuckyDot :duckie: , Keeper of the book of Vegetarianism and Arty Pants, Leader of the Curly Ducks in the Order of the Curly Crusaders

    Away and might not be back. See me at:
  • crazygirlslovecurlscrazygirlslovecurls Posts: 19Registered Users
    Im in! My hair is bout two or three inches above BSL. I'd love to grow it down to the small of my back. By Jan though Id like to have it to BSL or maybe a bit longer. I have 3a/b curls now that its past my shoulders.:)
  • BriabrooksyBriabrooksy Posts: 4Registered Users
    I know I'm kind of late but I would love to do this challenge. I have been getting my hair straghtened off and on which means more trims since this is my first fall/winter with 100% natural hair b/c this last year I was just thinking about transitioning. Any ways I'm mostly 3c with spots of 4a with some 3b in the front of my head. My hari is shoulder lenght when straightened (6 inches) when wet it's right ASL and when dry I have about 1 or 2 inches of shrinkage. By January I want it to be BLS when straightened. My ultimate goal is 14 inches (maybe by this time next year)!:thumbleft:
  • TeeKenTeeKen Posts: 5Registered Users
    Hi guys thanks for joining in. Before and after pics are welcome too , so send 'em in. We'll all love to share in together.

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