Could use help with 7 yr old daughter's hair

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My daughter has shoulder length 2c/3a hair when newly washed and dried and things are going right, but most of the time it looks more like a very frizzy 2a or 2b. She is fairly active and has Asperger's. Our biggest problems have to do with time, tangles, and frizz, if her hair looks good on top of it that would be great.

We are modified CG (we use low poo once a week to clean out sand/food/chlorine/etc.). Her hair is soo fine it tangles if you breath on it, it tends to be dry but products weigh it down and her hair will not clump well. Our one experience with a protein pack went badly.

We wash about 2-3 times a week, low poo Giovanni or Whispering Winds. Condition with Bio condition balm or KCNT (comb out while wet with conditioner). Rinse, use Giovanni or CJ leave-in and CIAB. Comb product thru with fingers, use flour sack towel to scrunch (just so it is not dripping wet) and let air dry. Many times you can already see frizz at this point, but it does dry in pretty loose curls.

We have to wash in the evenings or really early before school. By mornings or by the time she gets home from school her hair is a frizzy mess! If we have no time for a washing before the next school day (or we go out in the evening) I *must* brush her hair just so it will not mat and she looks decent. She hates my brushing it, it takes out almost all the curl, but it leaves lots of frizz. ARGH!

I don't have *tons* of time, my son has autism, my parents live with us (dad has alzheimer's) and I am the only one that can do her hair, so I need to figure out how to quickly make her look nice for school, without a shower every morning or her head soppy wet. She is a girly girl and wants to look pretty. :(

Signature pic is about 1.5 yr old.
Sunni -
Reading for daughter's 2b/3a fii curly hair care. Mine is stick straight (wishing for curls).

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    I can offer a few ideas for controlling tangles. It helps if hair is tied up in the wind if that is ever an issue (recess?) just so it doesn't whip around. A loose ponytail for that time if she's willing would help. Collars which stand up can cause tangles because the hair rubs on them. Sleeping with a loose braid (not even a ponytail holder necessary) virtually eliminates nighttime tangles. When they made a unscented version in a pump, I absolutely loved Rainbow Research, De-Tangler For Kids (I got it from iHerb online), but they still make a spray-on version which might be light enough to help with tangles and frizz. When one of my nieces was little, she had very similar hair to your daughter and one of her relatives would style it with an inexpensive hand lotion (very small amount) on dry hair, wrapping it around a finger, and get big, round curls which looked very sweet and stayed that way all day. Moisture and humectants, I guess.
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    Really? I'd go for braiding it and forget about trying to get good curls for school - because your time is valuable, and braiding it will protect it all day from tangles and damage, then the hair will be in good shape for when it matters.

    I don't think it's normal for any child to be able to go to school with long curly hair and come home without a mess of tangles and frizz, if my kid did, I would wonder what in the world they were doing all day!

    Now by high school, my oldest could go to school with nice curls and come back with them. But my 6yo has straight hair, not prone to tangling, and even she comes home with mess and tangles if I don't braid it.
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    I agree with Robin-in-FL. If she came home one day with perfect curls, I'd be a little worried. She has beautiful curls, by the way.

    When my hair gets frizzy overnight, I just spritz it with water or a leave-in and use my fingers to reshape the curls. It works well enough, but it doesn't get TOO messed up overnight, so my situation may be a bit different. Also, a lot of us try "pineappling," which involves putting the hair in a loose bun on the top of the head with a scrunchie. It keeps hair from going crazy.

    I agree that braiding her hair may be a good option for school days.
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    I would braid it, ponytail it, use cute clips, etc. A friend has a wavy girl with fine hair and she finds it MUCH easier if she puts it back. There are a ton of different ways to put it up. Half up/half down, pigtails, pigtail braids. I found a few pics that might give you some ideas.

    There were tons of ideas on this blog.
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