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The bumps and irritation on my bikini line that is. How can I get a close shave, but keep the skin smooth and clear?
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    the first thing is to make sure you exfoliate the area very well. this will slough off dead skin and help prevent ingrown hairs. exfoliate every time you have a shower.

    the second tip is to use a very sharp, new blade on this are. dull blades will drag across the skin more.

    the third thing is to make sure the skin is very soft before you start. don't shave until the warm water has softened your skin. use a shaving cream or gel designed for the bikini line and start by shaving in the direction your hair grows before going against the grain to get the smoothest skin.

    Tend Skin is recommended to help soothe razor burn and help prevent ingrown hairs, but you should not use it if you are allergic to aspirin as i believe one of the ingredients is willow extract.
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    A tip I learned from reading DH's playboy a couple yrs ago:

    shave w/ a new razor & use vaseline intensive care lotion's advanced healing formula. Do this when your skin is dry & use the lotion like a shaving cream. The blade will gunk up a lot so you'll need to rinse it as you go along but it is the closest I've ever gotten to a wax job by shaving!!
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    Look for a product called Bikini Zone. It works amazingly well.

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