How do I care for this uncontrollable horsetail?

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I was born with straight, black hair. It promptly fell out and grew back in a straight, thin, very fine golden ash color. My Mother also had stick-straight hair but coarse, so I was taught to care for it the way she cared for hers.

In my teens it got much thicker and a little wavy, which drove me nuts because it looked straight but got big and frizzy when brushed. I learned to keep it super long, no layers, and use silicones liberally in order to keep it straight.

I'm in my thirties now and for the last few years my hair has been getting more and more difficult to manage. The underneath hair was getting extremely tangled to the point where I could never leave it down or it matted, and it took forever to brush out the nasty rats and tangles in the morning. It has also gotten a lot drier and less shiny over the years, which puzzled me because I've been a super long hair-no heat devotee for years, absolutely no blow drying or curling irons or hot rollers, and very little product other than good shampoos and conditioners.

I finally chopped it off this week due to the heat and sheer desperation---the hairstylist gave me some nice subtle layering and cut it to a few inches below my shouldertops (it was past my bum before!). When it dried I was in for the biggest shock of my life---it's CURLY! It has never, ever been curly before! I am at a total loss as to what to do with it.

My Dad had curly hair---what I have learned are called 'Botticelli' curls---but he always kept them completely shorn off. He's gone now, so I can't ask him for advice on how he cared for his hair. My Mom and my sister have thin, straight hair and they are also at a total loss.

I've been reading online about curly hair for days, and this is what I have deduced about my own hair:

It is baby fine and delicate but super thick and when well conditioned it is extremely heavy
The under layers are very wavy, while the top layers and the front are falling into big botticelli curls just like my Dad's did before a haircut. So I think its a combo of 2c and 3a...but I might be wrong.

I have used a brush on my hair all of my life, and the thought of tossing out my brush is scary. But I'm fascinated by these curls. Growing up I always envied girls with big thick, luscious curls or waves. So can I get some advice, please?

How do you untangle it without taking a brush to it? How should I sleep on it to keep it curly?
Should I wash it morning or night? I started the no-poo routine a few days ago, I think it'll help with the dryness a lot.
If I try plopping it, will that make the back go curlier?

Any help anybody can give me would be greatly appreciated. I feel like I've been put into someone else's body with totally foreign hair and I have to re-learn how to take care of it.


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    Generally speaking, you can use a wide toothed comb to detangle when your hair is wet and coated with conditioner. Whether you wash everyday or not is your choice. Sleeping...many people pineapple if they're hair is long enough. Many people swear by silk or satin pillowcases or sleeping caps. I've used neither so I can't comment. I do pineapple on occasion, or lay my hair over the back of my pillow.

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    I've found a silk pillowcase to be a big help with tangles. And yes, a widetooth comb in the shower while hair is loaded with conditioner is the best way to detangle. Make sure you start at the ends and work your way up.
    I didn't like the "pineapple" I've got thick heavy hair too and it I wear my hair up in a high ponytail all night I wake up with a massive headache. The curls look good though ;-) .
    I like to wash in the morning, but you kind of have to do what works for you. If your hair takes ages to dry evening might be better.
    Investing in a really good conditioner to pump the moisture back into your hair is a good idea too. I've noticed a big change since upgrading to a quality conditioner.
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    For dry hair, I'd suggest trying the spritz and condish method.

    Since your hair is so fine, you will probably need protein. Fine hair tends to need it no matter what the porosity. Look for protein in styling products, leave in conditioners, and protein treatments.
    Here is a good article on protein in hair. It is about African American hair, but applies to all hair.

    It sounds like you will want to add protein and moisture.
    Always follow a Protein treatment with a deep treatment or moisturizing conditioner.
    CG PT's include
    Mild- aubrey organics GBP, Ion effective hair care (sally beauty supply)
    Medium- nexxus emergencee, joico k-pac (and sally's knock off)
    Strong-Aphogee 2 step (sally's, don't start with this one)
    Online- [buylink=]spiral solutions repairing protein treatment[/buylink] and curl junkie curl fix (the pt, I think that is the name) Both of these are much loved.

    Styling is trial and error. Try plopping for sure. Also try diffusing and pixie curl diffusing.

    Good luck with your brand new curls.:toothy4: (a blog to help new wavies, go to the how do I get started page)
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