THAT'S NOT A REAL TIGER, IS IT???? (Pics from the zoo)

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Took these pictures at the zoo last week (excuse the poor quality, I forgot my camera so we took these with my husband's Blackberry):



I e-mailed them out to people in my family, and my aunt (who is very gullible and fun to tease) wrote back "THAT'S NOT A REAL TIGER, IS IT????" So I replied to her... "Actually, it is, but it's very well trained. And they keep a zoo employee nearby in case the tiger becomes aggressive. Solomon loved riding on the 'big kitty cat'! " She totally believed me and wrote back "Really? Tell Solly I'm proud of him and I love him, and Abram too." I was laughing too hard to write back right away, and wanted to let the joke go on a little longer.... until she e-mailed me again about half an hour later to say "Are you being sarcastic? My coworker said it's not real." So then I was really dying because she was showing the pictures to people telling them it was a real tiger. So I called her at work and confessed. She was a good sport about it. The whole thing is very funny to me, I'm still giggling over it.
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    cute pic... I noticed you shaved Sol's curly locks! Is that for the summer?

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    too funny. We have someone at work like this...always fun. Thankfully he's good natured.
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    That's too funny, and the pics are too cute.
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    Those are great pics, PC!
    I would have def loved that...right up my alley! lol

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