Santo Salon and Spa?

goatlover49goatlover49 Posts: 7Registered Users
I heard about a salon in Beachwood, Ohio called Santo Salon and Spa. I heard nothing but good about this salon and I have read nothing but good about this salon8-). The curly girl cut there is what I would be getting and i was wondering if it is worth going there? Are the results really what I here and are they super expensive:-|? Thank You sooo much for the information.


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    I know this post is old, but they have a website. They have different prices for the curly girl cut based on who is doing the cut. The prices are under menu. HTH
    Here's their site:
  • ninja dogninja dog Posts: 23,780Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I used to go there. I don't anymore. They adhere very rigidly to the Deva method and products, which don't work well for me. I never left once liking the look of my hair, despite hours spent under the dryer, etc.

    I've had better luck at a nearby salon, getting cuts by a naturally curly stylist. She's cheaper (but still not cheap), and there's a lot less Deva hype. (None, in fact.) Her name is Kari, and she works at Locksmith for Hair in Pepper Pike.

    Also, John Anthony Salon in Novelty (near Bainbridge) offers a Deva stylist as well. Very pricey, but Deva-trained.

  • curlysandcurlysand Posts: 3Registered Users
    I have been going to Santo Salon for about three years. I have never had good luck with stylist till I went to this salon. Now I love my hair! I must say the three girls are very well trained Deva stylist. I definately recommend this Salon!!
  • ninja dogninja dog Posts: 23,780Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I've been going to Sam at "Crazy Mulletts" on Coventry lately. Cheaper, and a better cut. Great atmosphere, too.

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